raw coffee beans

We receive premium raw Arabica coffee beans directly from the importer. The coffee we roast arrives from ports all around the world. By understanding the nature of each green bean coffee and its characteristics, we design our roast to bring out the finest qualities of the coffee we offer.

artisan coffee roasters

highest quality Arabica beans

variety of Fair Trade & Organic

roasting coffee beans

By knowing the nature and background of a particular coffee type, we are able to adjust the airflow, temperature and roasting time to bring out the best qualities of each coffee.

``a unique blend of science & art`` - Mark (master roaster)

coffee roastery

Our roastery is located on W Washington Avenue here in Ellensburg. We roast, package and distribute all in-house so you know you will always get a 100% authentic D&M experience. We roast fresh daily so our customers enjoy the natural aromas and original rich flavors the beans produce.