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Have you visited us on TikTok Yet?

Have you visited us on TikTok Yet?

Brenda McPherson Day

Brenda McPherson Day

On Tuesday, March 3rd, Brenda McPherson was involved in a serious accident and was airlifted to Seattle, in critical condition. Along with Cornerstone Pie, D&M Coffee set aside St.Patrick’s Day,…

Tolkien in the Burg 2021

Tolkien in the Burg 2021

Schedule of Events Keep updated by follow our event page on FACEBOOK. Sunday, Jan 3rd / Start of the Tolkien in the Burg! Happy birthday J.R.R Tolkien! Join us at…

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Our Values


when available we choose to support our local business by creating business relationships in our community


since opening in 1990 D&M has been involved in our community focusing on the arts and diversity

Fair trade

we currently have six roasts that are Fair Trade and take pride that we are supporting coffee farmers globally


seven of our roasts feature Organic certification by the WSDA Organic program


we take pride in abiding by all regulations to ensure we provide the best organic coffee roasts

recycle / reuse

reducing waste is a focus of ours and we recycle anything in our stores that can be

keep updated

D&M Coffee is consistently engaging with the community and pursuing new endeavors. Keep updated with all of our adventures by following our blog!