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Have you visited us on TikTok Yet?

Have you visited us on TikTok Yet?

Brenda McPherson Day

Brenda McPherson Day

On Tuesday, March 3rd, Brenda McPherson was involved in a serious accident and was airlifted to Seattle, in critical condition. Along with Cornerstone Pie, D&M Coffee set aside St.Patrick’s Day,…

Tolkien in the Burg 2021

Tolkien in the Burg 2021

Schedule of Events Keep updated by follow our event page on FACEBOOK. Sunday, Jan 3rd / Start of the Tolkien in the Burg! Happy birthday J.R.R Tolkien! Join us at…

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  • Americano

    water + espresso
  • Breve

    espresso shots and steamed half & half
  • Cappuccino

    espresso and smoothed layer of foam
  • Caramel Latte

    espresso, milk and homemade caramel sauce
  • Caramel Macchiato

    espresso, vanilla-flavored syrup and milk
  • Claussen

    caramel sauce americano with cream
  • Cold Brew

    cold brewed coffee made with our Organic Lions Rock roast
  • Drip

    fresh brewed coffee
  • Granita

    blended frozen espresso and milk
  • Latte

    espresso and steamed milk
  • Mocha

    espresso with milk and homemade chocolate sauce
  • Signature Latte

    espresso and milk with a unique mix of syrups and sauces
  • Straight Shot


  • Chai

    chai with steam milk
  • Cider

    steamed apple juice, ask for it spiced!
  • Hot Chocolate

    steam milk and chocolate sauce
  • Italian Soda

    carbonated water and syrup
  • Kombucha

    Humm Kombucha, lightly-effervescent fermented tea (Downtown only)
  • Lavendar Lemonade (seasonal)

    house made lemonade with lavender
  • Lotus Energy

    natural and organic plant-based energy
  • Redbull

    italian soda made with red bull instead of carbonated water
  • Smoothie

    blended fruit puree with milk or juice
  • Steamer

    steamed milk
  • Tea

    we serve Stash Tea

To drink

To eat

made to order

{downtown location only}
  • Burrito

    veggie, pork or chicken
  • Cheese Plate

    full or mini
  • Taco Rice

    veggie, pork or chicken
  • Veggie Wrap

    house made hummus, pumpkin seeds, lettuce, tomato, feta, etc.


  • Baked Entrée

    lasagnas, pastas, frittatas
  • Biscotti

    plain or chocolate dipped
  • Black Bottom Muffin

    brownie like muffin with a cream cheese filling
    signature item
  • Breakfast Burritos

    Bacon, Sausage or Veggie
  • Breakfast Calzone

    egg, cheese and veggies wrapped in bready goodness (Drive Thru, KVH & Downtown only)
  • Cookies

    chocolate chip, peanut butter, snickerdoodle, white chocolate macadamia, molasses, oatmeal raisin
  • Croissant

    plain or stuffed (pesto, cheese and ham)
  • Cruffins

    made daily @ Downtown only
  • House-made Granola

  • Panini

    veggie, chicken or ham
  • Pasta Salad

    seasonal favorites
  • Quiche

    seasonal favorites
  • Scones

    baked every morning!
  • Soup

    seasonal favorites
  • Treats

    bars, specialty cookies, cupcakes, cheesecake, whoppie pies