Any heath benefits of having butter coffee?

Is butter in your coffee healthy?

The bottom line

Butter coffee has recently surged in popularity in the Western world, yet no evidence supports its purported health benefits. Occasionally drinking a cup of butter coffee is likely harmless, but overall, this high calorie beverage is unnecessary for most people.

What are the benefits of coffee butter?

Packed with antioxidants and purifying properties, it is a great way to bolster cleansing, clarifying, and rejuvenating formulations. Used topically, Coffee Butter is intensely moisturizing and endows the skin with a delectably smooth texture, in addition to helping maintain a supple look and youthful brilliance.

Is butter coffee good for weight loss?

Curbs appetite

The high calorie and high amounts of fat in butter coffee can help lose weight by curbing appetite. High amounts of fat can slow down digestion, and make you feel fuller for longer durations.

Does butter coffee gain weight?

Bottom line: It won’t harm you to consume it, but be mindful of the extra calories and don’t expect weight loss or extra energy.

Does butter coffee taste good?

But it IS loaded with flavor, it’s filling and satisfying, and, when made properly, has a delicate and delightful foam at the top (achieved without using a foaming wand). Butter infused coffee is perfect for the beginner home barista as well as the experienced since it does not require the use of an espresso machine.

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