Bulletproof Coffee – Is There A Good Replacement For Grass-Fed Butter?

By drinking Bulletproof coffee, you are replacing a nutritious meal with a poor substitute. While grass-fed butter contains some conjugated linoleic acid, butyrate, and vitamins A and K2, MCT oil is a refined and processed fat with no essential nutrients.

What can I substitute for butter in bulletproof coffee?

Vegan bulletproof coffee can be made with MCT oil or coconut oil instead of butter.

Do I have to use grass fed butter in bulletproof coffee?

Making a cup of Bulletproof Coffee involves blending 1 cup of coffee brewed with Bulletproof ground coffee, unsalted grass-fed butter or ghee, and a Bulletproof-branded supplement called Brain Octane Oil, which is a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil derived from coconut oil.

What kind of butter do you use for bulletproof coffee?

Grass fed butter

Grass fed butter – A classic choice, and the recipe bulletproof coffee is sometimes called butter coffee. Grass fed ghee – Great option if you’re lactose intolerant but still want the health benefits of grass fed butter! Adds a nice texture and rich flavor.

Can you substitute cream for butter in bulletproof coffee?

Absolutely! The only ingredients in this recipe that aren’t vegan are heavy cream and butter. Simply swap the cream for coconut milk and the butter for coconut oil or vegan butter. BULLETPROOF® is a registered trademark owned by Bulletproof Digital, Inc.

Can you use coconut oil instead of butter in bulletproof coffee?

Ingredients for bulletproof coffee

Coconut Oil: Contains natural saturated fat and also adds a great flavor to your coffee. I prefer coconut oil in bulletproof coffee but you can also use butter, MCT oil, or ghee.

Can I put almond milk in bulletproof coffee?

First one up is the Almond Milk Bulletproof Coffee. This one is a long drink which you can enjoy hot or even on the rocks. We tried several non-dairy milks from the market and we found the most balanced Bulletproof Coffee using almond milk.

Is salted butter OK for bulletproof coffee?

It is fine with butter salted or even sweet, depending on how much you have. When combined with whipped cream, coconut fat and whipped cream are also an effective mixture. Just put in coconut sugar with your coffee for extra bitterness.

Can I use salted butter for bulletproof coffee?

Even though it is recommended not to use salted butter when I initially tried Bulletproof Coffee, I only had the salted version of Kerrygold butter, so I tried it. It tasted great. I then followed up with the unsalted version, and honestly, I could not tell the difference.