Can cherry trees grow in Phoenix?

Cherry trees are grown in upper Arizona, and some have had success in the Phoenix valley, but they require a frost. Sour cherry (Montmorency) and sweet cherries (Bing) are reported to be the best varieties to plant to maximize chances of success.

What cherries grow in Arizona?

Traditional sweet cherries produce well in the mid desert region, sour cherries will produce a reliable harvest in the high plateau region, and the native black cherry will thrive and produce in high mountain areas. In addition, different varieties of the same tree species can tolerate additional heat and cold.

Can cherry trees survive in hot weather?

There are two key issues with growing cherries in hot climates, Andersen said: Lack of chill hours and heat tolerance during flower bud initiation. When sweet cherries don’t get enough hours of temperatures below 40˚F, they don’t grow or flower normally.

Does cherry grow in hot place?

Sweet cherries are best suited for areas where temperatures are mild and humidity is low while tart cherries will grow in cooler climates and need about 2 months of winter temperatures below 45° F.

Can I grow a cherry blossom tree in Arizona?

Cherry Blossom Featured in

Arizona, with its arid climate, seems to be an unlikely place to see blossoming cherry trees. However, a few cherry species are actually native to Arizona: bitter cherry and two species of chokecherry. Cherries do grow here and bloom beautifully in Flagstaff, Sedona, and even Phoenix.

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Can you plant a cherry blossom tree in Arizona?

Cherry trees can grow in a desert climate if proper conditions are met. According to the Gardening in Arizona website, both sweet cherries–such as the Bing variety–and sour cherries–which include the Montmorency variety–are appropriate fruit trees to grow in Arizona’s arid climate.

How long does it take a cherry tree to grow?

Cherry trees take about three years to establish and can begin bearing fruit in the fourth year. Most fruit crops do not produce the same year you plant it, but once it begins fruiting, it can continue to do so for years—a mature cherry tree can produce about 30–50 quarts of fruit in a season.

Where is the best place to grow cherry trees?

full sun

Cherry trees thrive in a location that gets full sun and has a well-drained, fertile soil. “Full sun” is defined as at least 6 to 8 hours of sun each day. Sunlight is critical to fruit production and quality, and also helps keep fungal issues from getting a foothold.