Can you pop sorghum in a popcorn popper?

Method 3 of 4: Because sorghum is lighter than popcorn, hot air poppers will generally not work for popping sorghum. Some hot air poppers, however, are acceptable. If your hot air popper blows air up and out of the machine, do not attempt to pop sorghum with it.

Can you pop sorghum in a popcorn maker?

Place a large bowl in front of the popper underneath your ventilation hood since quite a bit of smoke is generated. Turn on the popper for 30 seconds. Remove red lid, dump in a glass of sorghum, replace lid. Pop for a few minutes until no more popped sorghum comes out.

What is the best way to pop sorghum?

Heat a pot with a tight fitting lid over medium heat. When hot, add sorghum grains and cover with lid. Cook, shaking pot often without removing the lid, until sorghum grains begin to pop. Once popping begins, shake pot continuously, leaving the lid in place.

Is popped sorghum better for you than popcorn?

The tiny kernels of popped sorghum are easy to make and have a slightly sweeter flavor than popcorn. Sorghum has a wonderful nutritional profile, making this a healthy, whole grain snack. Top with your favorite popcorn toppings or check out our Pinterest board for some inspiration.

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How long does sorghum take to pop?

Heat a large Dutch oven over medium heat 2 minutes. Add 1 teaspoon oil; swirl to coat. Add half of sorghum; cook about 1 minute or until sorghum popping slows, stirring constantly. Reduce heat to medium-low, and continue cooking 1 minute or until as much sorghum pops as possible, stirring constantly.

Which variety of sorghum is used for popping?

Sorghum varieties such as K 12, CO 30 and local variety were used for the popping.

Does popped sorghum taste like popcorn?

Have you tried popped sorghum? It’s basically a similar smaller variation of popcorn that is said to have a slightly sweeter, mildly nutty flavor and be easier to munch, with a better crunch. Just like corn, sorghum pops when you heat it.

Is there a difference between sorghum and popping sorghum?

But soon you might find yourself reaching for another popped snack option—popped sorghum. Sorghum is a cereal grain that is becoming more popular in the United States because it’s gluten free and nutritious. Compared to popcorn, popped sorghum kernels are smaller in size.

Is popping sorghum the same as regular sorghum?

Yes, popped. It’s nearly identical to popcorn in taste and texture and is about ⅓–½ the size of a popped kernel of corn. Also known as jowar dhani, popped sorghum is a popular snack in India.