Differences between Chemex & V60

Filters. Both devices use paper filters, of different thicknesses. The Chemex’s thicker filter doesn’t let any sediment pass, making the brew clearer than that of the V60 (which is still pretty clear). The V60 filters are usually a bit easier to find.

What’s the difference between Chemex filters?

The difference is simply the shape and is a matter of aesthetics. Q | What is the difference between the white filter paper and the brown filter paper? A | The paper is the same material. The difference is that the white filter paper goes through an oxidizing cleansing bath and then a series of hot water baths.

Which Chemex is the most popular?

8 cups Chemex

That would be the 8 cups Chemex. This Chemex is the most common size because of its size and shape. It is tall, but not too tall. And its width allows it to be filled with water to the brim of the cone without spilling over.

What is better than Chemex?

WINNER: Hario V60

Since both are toss-filters, rinse, and wash, it comes down to the coffee maker with lower risk to clean. The V60 vs Chemex argument for cleaning is essentially settled by how you can relax a bit more with the V60.

What is the different between Chemex and V60?

The Chemex uses a thicker filter than the V60, which doesn’t allow any sediment to pass, creating the clearest coffee we have ever seen. The V60 filters, however, also create a clear brew, and are easier to find with your general day-to-day shopping.

What is so special about Chemex?

Chemex brewed coffee tastes better than many other coffeemakers because of the unique filter, all glass construction, and the unique shape of the device. Chemex coffee is widely considered the better choice for people who are looking for a smoother cup with less bitterness and don’t mind the lack of body.

Why are Chemex filters out of stock?

It is no wonder why Chemex filters are out of stock in several shops around the world. Aside from the surging demand for these products, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused disruptions in production and this unprecedented filter shortage.

Does Chemex size matter?

No problem. The only thing with brewing small amounts of coffee in a large-sized Chemex is that you have more heat loss during the brewing process. When the hot water comes in contact with the cold glass, it will cool. Brewing with colder water can impact the flavor of the final cup of coffee.

How do I know what size Chemex I need?

Chemex Measures a ‘cup’ by 5 US Fluid Ounces. The ‘nipple’ or button on the Chemex brewer represents half of its size. An 8 Cup Chemex can produce a maximum of 40 oz coffee. The button will mark 20 oz of coffee.