Do They Still Make Chocolate “Now and Later”?

“Oh, the sweet nostalgia of childhood candy!” That’s a sentiment I’m sure many of you share, right? Today, we’re going to take a trip down memory lane and explore a particularly iconic candy that many of us remember fondly: the Now and Later chocolate.

Now and Later, a brand of fruit-flavored, taffy-like candies, has been a staple in the candy aisle since 1962. The name “Now and Later” was meant to suggest that customers could enjoy some pieces “now” and save some for “later. Genius, right?

But the question on everyone’s mind (or at least on mine, and hopefully yours after reading this) is this: Do they still make the chocolate now and later?

Key facts

  • Now and Later candies were first introduced in 1962 by the Phoenix Candy Company.
  • The candy was created as a variation of square caramels and is known for its unique texture.
  • Now and Later candies start off firm and require some chewing, but they soften and become easier to chew as they warm up in the mouth.
  • The candy’s name “Now & Later” signifies the experience of savoring the taste both immediately (“now”) and over time (“later”).
  • Now and Later candies come in a variety of fruity flavors, including strawberry, cherry, grape, banana, and apple.
  • The Hershey Company currently produces and distributes Now and Later candies.
  • Now and Later candies are individually wrapped, making them convenient for sharing or enjoying on-the-go.
  • Now and Later candies have remained popular due to their long-lasting flavor, chewy texture, and variety of fruity options.

An unusual flavor in the mix

In the world of Now and Later, the classics are the fruit flavors: cherry, grape, apple, strawberry, and banana. They were, and still are, the mainstay of the brand. But back in the day, there was an outlier in the mix – Chocolate Now and Later.

Chocolate was a bit of an anomaly in the realm of fruity, tangy, chewy candies. But hey, who doesn’t love an underdog? And for many, this chocolate version was a heavenly blend of the chewy texture of fudge with a rich, cocoa flavor. It was a unique confectionery experience that stands out in many memory banks.

The disappearance of chocolate now and later

As time went on, Chocolate Now and Later became harder and harder to find. It seemed that our beloved underdog had faded into the background, overshadowed by its fruity siblings. It was as if a favorite song had suddenly been removed from your favorite playlist.

The disappearance of Chocolate Now and Later was a hard blow to lovers of this unique flavor. But the question remained, why did it disappear? The answer is not entirely clear. It could have been due to a variety of factors – changes in taste preferences, production costs, or maybe it just wasn’t as popular as the other flavors.

The resurrection of chocolate now and later

So the question remains: Are they still making chocolate now and later? Well, the answer is yes and no. You see, as of my knowledge in September 2021, Chocolate Now and Laters were no longer being produced as a standard flavor. But don’t despair just yet, fellow candy lovers.

In the candy world, the past has a way of coming back in new and exciting ways. It’s not uncommon for candy companies to bring back old favorites for limited runs or special promotions. And with the power of the Internet, you can often find old favorites at specialty candy stores or online marketplaces.

So, while it may take a little searching and maybe a little luck, you may still be able to get your hands on some Chocolate Now and Laters. If you do manage to find some, be sure to enjoy some now, and maybe even save some for later.

Remember, the world of candy is as much about the journey as the destination. Happy hunting, candy lovers!

Explore the range of popular Now and Later flavors

Now and Laters, the iconic chewy candy, is known for its variety of flavors that delight candy lovers. In addition to chocolate, here are some other popular Now and Laters flavors:

  1. Strawberry:
    Strawberry is a classic and widely popular Now and Laters flavor. Its sweet and fruity taste provides a burst of strawberry goodness with every chew.
  2. Watermelon:
    Watermelon-flavored Now and Laters offer a refreshing and juicy experience reminiscent of biting into a ripe watermelon. This flavor is especially popular during the summer months.
  3. Grape:
    Grape flavored Now and Laters have a bold and tangy taste that captures the essence of juicy grapes. They offer a delightful balance of sweetness and tartness.
  4. Cherry:
    Cherry-flavored Now and Laters deliver a burst of rich and luscious cherry flavor. They are known for their bright red color and satisfying sweet taste.
  5. Apple:
    Apple-flavored Now and Laters offer a crisp and refreshing taste that resembles biting into a juicy apple. This flavor offers a delightful combination of sweetness and tartness.
  6. Banana:
    Banana-flavored Now and Laters offer a nostalgic taste reminiscent of ripe bananas. They offer a unique and tropical twist to the classic candy line.
  7. Pineapple:
    Pineapple-flavored Now and Laters offer a tropical escape with their tangy and sweet pineapple flavor. They are a popular choice for those looking for a fruity flavor adventure.
  8. Tropical Punch:
    Tropical Punch flavored Now and Laters combine a medley of tropical fruit flavors for a refreshing and exotic taste experience. It’s like a sip of fruity punch in candy form.

These are just a few examples of the wide variety of flavors available for Now and Laters candies. Each flavor offers a unique and enjoyable taste, allowing candy lovers to find their personal favorites.


The search for Chocolate Now and Laters is more than just a search for a candy; it’s a journey into our past, a rekindling of fond memories, and a testament to our enduring love for these sweet treats of yesteryear. So whether they still make chocolate now or later is not the end of the story, but rather an exciting part of a greater candy adventure.

So to all you sweet-toothed adventurers out there, keep your eyes open and your taste buds ready. You never know what sweet surprises the candy world has in store for you.

As always, stay sweet, my friends!


Do they still make chocolate now and laters?

Yes, chocolate flavored Now and Laters are still being manufactured and available for candy lovers to enjoy. Now and Laters is a popular chewy candy brand known for its variety of flavors, and chocolate remains a staple in the lineup. The rich and indulgent taste of Now and Laters chocolate continues to satisfy the cravings of those who appreciate this classic flavor. Whether you’re a fan of the original chocolate flavor or looking to mix and match with other varieties, you can still find Chocolate Now and Laters in stores and online, allowing you to enjoy the delightful combination of chewy texture and chocolatey goodness. So if you’re in the mood for a chocolatey treat that lasts, rest assured that Chocolate Now and Laters are still being made and enjoyed today.

What happened to now and laters?

Farley & Sathers Candy Company purchased Nabisco, including this candy in 2000 and then in 2012, Kraft/Phillips Morris acquired Nabisco. Finally, Now & Laters came to rest with the Ferrara Pan Candy Company and they remain the distributor of Now and Later candy today.

Are Now and Later candy still made?

Now manufactured by the Ferrara Candy Company, Now and Later is available in a wide variety of unique fruit flavors in traditional (harder) and chewy (softer) taffy, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

How many flavors of Now and Laters are there?

The twelve flavors of Now and Later available are apple, banana, blue raspberry, cherry/apple splits, cherry, grape, strawberry, tropical lemonade, tropical punch, watermelon, wild fruits, and “original”.

Are now and laters supposed to be hard?

Now and Laters are quite the classic candy. Their old slogan, “Eat some now, Save some for Later” was replaced by the popular and true slogan, “Hard ‘N Fruity now and Soft ‘N Chewy Later”. This slogan describes the candy’s cycle that represents the main difference between the Now and Later and the Laffy Taffy.

Why do they call them now and laters?

Now & Later History

The name was selected to suggest to customers that they eat some of the taffy squares in the bar right away and save the rest for another occasion. The Phoenix Company goes back to 1919, when a little candy company in Brooklyn, New York, was turning out penny saltwater taffy.

What candy was popular in 1980?

Even though you can still find many of them today, sweets like original candy bars, Bottle Caps, Good & Plenty and Abba Zabba were some of our favorite treats in the 1980s.

Do sprees still exist?

A variety called Chewy Spree, which has a candy shell and a chewy center, comes in 12-ounce (340 g) pouches, rather than rolls. There is a Mini Chewy Spree as well that comes in a 1.73-ounce (49 g) dispenser. The Chewy Spree Mixed Berry flavor was discontinued in 2015.

Do they still make Jolly Rancher Sticks?

They’re back! They were discontinued, but now they are back in stock! Get your favorite flavor of Jolly Rancher in a stick form, the Jolly Rancher Watermelon Stix!

Where are razzles made?

The company added flavors, today they include Blaze ‘n Blueberry, Tangerine Orange, Razzle Raspberry, Gushin Grape and Luscious Lemon. They are now made in Canada.

When did chocolate now and laters come out?

Now and Later were first introduced in 1962 with only three flavors by the Phoenix Candy Company. They were designed as an all-year-round candy, no problem eating these in the summer. The little individually wrapped taffy squares start hard but become chewy.

Are now and laters taffy?

Now manufactured by the Ferrara Candy Company, Now and Later is available in a wide variety of unique fruit flavors in traditional (harder) and chewy (softer) taffy, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

What was the first candy ever made?

First Candy

It is believed that candy dates back to the ancient Egyptians at around 2000BC. The first ”candies” were made from honey mixed with fruit or nuts. Sugar candy was invented by the Indians about 250AD.

Is Now and Later candy halal?

Now And Later Chewy Pineapple | Halal Candies.

What was the first flavor of Laffy taffy?

Laffy Taffy was first invented in the 1970s and has been made in flavors such as Sparkle Cherry, Grape, and Sour Apple.

Laffy Taffy Nutrition.

Serving Size:1 piece (8.8g)% Daily Value*
Amount Per Serving
Calories from Fat2.6
Total Fat0.3g0%

When did Pink Starburst come out?


Starburst first unveiled its All Pink pack in 2017, and has brought it back only during the summer months ever since.

Are candy wrappers edible?

Quote from video: Imagine making your own cellophane sweet wrappers that are edible and if you don’t eat them they will dissolve within days in the trash can.

What happened yellow Starburst?

Starburst will change its name to Opal Fruits 22 years after the sweets were rebranded, makers Mars have confirmed. Fans will be able to get their hands on the goodies from stores like Poundland, B&M, Home Bargains, Iceland, Savers and The Range.