Does Arby’s have fried Oreos?

Now, the fast-food chain is also trying to prove it has the treats. For a limited time, Arby’s is serving warm Oreo Bites, which are just Oreo doughnut holes. Oreo Bites are fried chocolate doughnuts loaded with chunks of Oreo in the dough.

Does Arby’s have deep fried Oreos?

That email doesn’t look right. Arby’s is no longer just bringing the meats—there now selling Oreo bites (aka doughnut holes). Yes, little round, fried balls of Oreo stuffed deliciousness. They’re the perfect way to end your healthy eating New Year’s resolution.

Does Arby’s still have Oreo bites?

According to Chew Boom, Arby’s is bringing back its (fairly new) Oreo Bites back. The little donuts—which were first introduced around this time last year—are now on menus again at participating Arby’s locations.

Does Arby’s have Frosties?

While the fast food chain traditionally only carries chocolate, vanilla, and Jamocha shakes, the restaurant plans to switch things up with a new frosty dessert perfect for anyone who has wanted a bit more caramel in their life.

What flavor milkshakes does Arby’s have?

With only three flavors to choose from, the chain occasionally adds a seasonal shake to their menu. Still, you can always count on their chocolate shake, vanilla shake, and Jamocha shake (mocha and coffee/java).

Does Arby’s have cookies?

Arby’s adds cookies to their dessert repertoire with the introduction of the new Salted Caramel & Chocolate Chip Cookie and Triple Chocolate Cookie. Both cookies are made with Ghiradelli chocolate and are priced at $1.49.

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