How did cinnamon get its name?

Cinnamon Origin and History Its botanical name derives from the Hebraic and Arabic term amomon, meaning fragrant spice plant. Ancient Egyptians used cinnamon in their embalming process. From their word for cannon, Italians called it canella, meaning “little tube,” which aptly describes cinnamon sticks.

Where does cinnamon come from originally?

Cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), the neighbouring Malabar Coast of India, and Myanmar (Burma) and is also cultivated in South America and the West Indies.

What was cinnamon originally used for?

Ancient Egyptians used cinnamon as part of their embalming rituals. Physicians from the middle ages used cinnamon to help treat cold and throat ailments such as coughing, hoarseness and sore throats.

Who was the first to use cinnamon?

The history of cinnamon goes back many centuries: it was first consumed around 2000 BC, where records of its use in ancient Egypt were both culinary and medical.

What are 3 facts about cinnamon?

Fun (and useful) facts about cinnamon:

  • Cinnamon doesn’t have a sweet taste but does amplify the sweetness in other ingredients.
  • The better quality cinnamons are more breakable (fragile).
  • The average cinnamon tree grows to 60 feet in height.
  • Cinnamon acts as a natural preservative.
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Is cinnamon in the Bible?

Exodus 30:22-29
22 The LORD said to Moses, 23 “Take the finest spices: of liquid myrrh 500 shekels, and of sweet-smelling cinnamon half as much, that is, 250, and 250 of aromatic cane, 24 and 500 of cassia, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, and a hin of olive oil.

How did cinnamon get discovered?

During the 1500s, Ferdinand Magellan was searching for spices on behalf of Spain, and in the Philippines found Cinnamomum mindanaense, which was closely related to C. zeylanicum, the cinnamon found in Sri Lanka.

What is the oldest spice in the world?


Cinnamon is an ancient spice that predates the recorded history of culinary applications of all spices. As such, it has been dubbed the “world’s oldest spice”, which may be a warranted title, knowing that because it was found to be included in Egyptian embalming recipes.

What is real cinnamon called?

Ceylon, or “true cinnamon,” is native to Sri Lanka and southern parts of India. It’s made from the inner bark of the Cinnamomum verum tree. Ceylon is tan-brown in color and contains many tight sticks with soft layers. These features provide a highly desirable quality and texture.

Can dogs eat cinnamon?

Is Cinnamon Toxic to Dogs? The good news is that cinnamon is not toxic to dogs. Your dog will not suffer fatal toxic effects from consuming too much cinnamon, but that does not necessarily mean you should be sprinkling it on his kibble.

What is the biblical significance of cinnamon?

The presence of cinnamon (and other exotics) in the Hebrew Scriptures testify to God’s desire to have his far-flung creation represented in His tabernacle, which was itself symbolic of the created universe.

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What spices are in the Bible?

Herbs, Bible References and Uses, Then and Now

  • CORIANDER – Exodus 16:31; Numbers 11:7. …
  • CUMIN – Isaiah 28:25, 27; Matthew 23:23. …
  • DILL – Isaiah 28:25, 27; Matthew 23:23. …
  • FRANKINCENSE – Exodus 30:34; Matthew 2:11. …
  • HYSSOP – Exodus 12:22; John 19:29. …
  • LEEKS, ONIONS (CHIVES) – Numbers 11:1-6. …
  • MINTS – Matthew 23:23; Luke 11:42.

What is cinnamon actually made from?

Cinnamomum tree

Cinnamon is a spice created from the inner bark of the Cinnamomum tree. Strips of the inner bark are dried until they curl into rolls known as cinnamon sticks or quills. These can then be ground into powder or made into an extract.

Is cinnamon natural or man made?

Cinnamon comes from bark. Specifically, it comes from the inner layer of bark derived from dozens of varieties of evergreen trees that belong to the genus Cinnamomum. Cinnamon farmers first shave the outer bark off the trees, and then shave off the inner bark — the cinnamon layer. The cinnamon is then dried for use.

Where is cinnamon grown in the world?

Cinnamon is native to several countries including Sri Lanka, Burma, and India. The crop is also grown in South America and West Indies. However, Sri Lanka boasts the best quality of cinnamon.

How does cinnamon grow in the wild?

When a cinnamon tree is around two years old, cultivators coppice, or cut back, the plant to the size of a stump and cover it with soil. This technique causes it to grow like a bush, with new shoots emerging out of the sides by the following year. It’s these shoots that are used to make cinnamon.

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Is McCormick real cinnamon?

The cinnamon bark is harvested directly from the tree—McCormick sources premium quality whole cinnamon, which mitigates the chance for added ingredients and contamination that could be encountered by sourcing a pre-ground product.

Can I grow my own cinnamon?

If you’re considering cultivating your own cinnamon tree, it’s important to keep in mind that cinnamon trees are native to tropical regions. Cinnamon plants can only truly thrive as outdoor plants in USDA Hardiness Zones 9–11. Otherwise, they’re best kept as houseplants, or kept outside only during the warmer months.