How do modeling chocolates work?

Modeling chocolate, also known as chocolate clay, is a pliable mixture of chocolate and corn syrup. It is very similar to fondant but it tastes like chocolate. Modeling chocolate can be used like fondant to decorate and cover cakes or it can be used as a sculpting material to create forms and shapes.

Is modeling chocolate hard to work with?

Working with modeling chocolate will be hard at first, and you may encounter several problems along the way. You will also notice that most of the issues with modeling chocolate happen during the mixing stage of the chocolate and corn syrup. Good thing that there are actually quick fixes to these problems.

How do you get modeling chocolate to stick?

Quote from video: Don't make it too wet or it just slide as you rub your finger across a little piece and it begins to dry you'll feel it starting to get in now tacky. And stick.

How do Modelling chocolates work?

Simply pinch off pieces of modeling chocolate, knead until workable, then use to sculpt into shapes, press into silicone molds, or roll out and cover cakes.

Can you eat modeling chocolate?

Of course it’s edible! And it’s quite delicious! Much more delicious than fondant if you ask me. Modeling chocolate is a great alternative for people who don’t like fondant.

Why is modeling chocolate crumbling?

If you overheat it, there will be hot spots throughout which can burn you while kneading. If you get the modeling chocolate too hot, the oils will seep out as you knead it. You’ll need to follow the instructions for fixing the greasy modeling chocolate if that happens.

How far in advance can you make modeling chocolate?

Models can be made ahead of time just like gum paste and will keep for months if stored correctly. Once made let them harden right off and store in a cardboard box in a very cool place but not in the fridge because of condensation.

Can you cover a cake in modeling chocolate?

No surface is safe from modeling chocolate! Once your modeling chocolate is rolled out and is not sticking to your mat, you are ready to cover your cake. Pick your modeling chocolate up gently.

How do you put modeling chocolate on a cake?

Quote from video: You want to take some clear corn syrup and mix it 50/50 with some vodka. And paint that on your cake.