How heavy are server trays?

Average tray weight < 15lbs. They encourage shoulder carrying. It is a very useful form of balancing the tray while keeping maneuverability.

How do Waitresses carry heavy trays?

Hold the tray underneath with the palm of your hand. Your hand should be at the centre of the tray and hold it up just over your shoulder.

Is carrying a tray hard?

Not hard if you practice and have good balance. No, you can carry on shoulder or not. Up to you. Its hard at first but you get used to it and it becomes second nature to carry everything over your shoulder.

Where is the heaviest item on the tray?

The general rule is to load the heaviest items near the middle of the tray and lighter items around the edges. If you’re loading up tall drink glasses, though, place them in the middle or they could topple when you move the tray even slightly.

What are serving trays made of?

Serving trays are made from a variety of materials such as metal, exotic woods, and plastic. If you plan to use your serving tray for special occasions only, you should pick a tray that is made from metal or copper as they look more sophisticated than one made from plastic or wood.

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How much does a restaurant tray weigh?

Average tray weight < 15lbs.

What is the best way to carry serving plates?

Quote from video: Take your right hand and place it palm up. Now take a plate and rest it on your three middle fingers with your thumb. And pinky finger resting on the rim to stabilize the plate. Now take your second

How do waiters balance drinks?

Some drinks, such as wine glasses or beer bottles, tip over easier. Balance your drinks on your tray, starting from the center of your tray with the heavier drinks and working outwards with the lighter drinks.

How do you hold a service tray?

Holding the Service Tray:

The big tray must be carried with two hands. Place the left hand under the centre of the tray with fingers spending out comfortably. Heavy, high and hot items must be closed to your body. Pick up the tray in your left hand, ensuring your palm is in the centre to keep the tray well balanced.