How is a Shamrock Shake made?

How are Shamrock Shakes made?

But what’s actually inside this bright green drink? The current version is made with reduced-fat vanilla soft serve, whipped light cream, and “Shamrock Shake syrup,” according to McDonald’s. The soft serve and whipped cream are both made with lots of milk, cream, and sugar, and some preservatives.

What is the Shamrock Shake made of at McDonald’s?

According to the McDonald’s website, the Shamrock shake consists of three parts: vanilla reduced fat ice cream, Shamrock Shake syrup, and whipped light cream.

What are the ingredients of a Shamrock Shake?

These are the ingredients McDonald’s shares on its website: reduced-fat vanilla ice cream, light whipped cream, and “Shamrock Shake Syrup.” ­čśĺ Instead of the trade-secret syrup, we use peppermint extract and green food coloring to add the magic.

How does mcdonalds make Shamrock Shake?


  1. Allow ice cream to soften for about 10 minutes so it will be easy to blend.
  2. Combine the ice cream, half-and-half, mint extract, and food coloring in a blender.
  3. Blend for about 30 seconds or until well combined.
  4. Pour the milkshake into a glass and top with whipped cream. Serve immediately.

Are Shamrock Shakes just vanilla?

Even though the Shamrock Shake has been vanilla-mint flavored for about six years, it actually used to be lime-flavored, per The Broward-Palm Beach New Times. To give you a little backstory, the Shamrock Shake was initially introduced in 1970, and it was originally called the “St.

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How unhealthy is a Shamrock Shake?

“The Shamrock Shake is a sugar bomb at 63 grams of sugar and 74 grams of carbs for a small,” says Walsh. That’s as much sugar as 16 sugar packets, she says. “While a majority of its 460 calories come from the carbs and sugar, it also has 13 grams of fat and 8 grams of saturated fat.”

What type of mint is in a Shamrock Shake?

peppermint extract

Traditional shamrock shakes use plain mint extract, but either will work. Just keep in mind that if you use peppermint extract, you will get a stronger punch of mint flavor. Adjusting consistency: Play around with the ratio of ice cream to milk to make your shake exactly how thick you like it.

Does the Shamrock Shake have mint?

What is a Shamrock Shake? A Shamrock Shake is McDonald’s seasonal, mint flavored vanilla milkshake. The shake itself is colored green, giving it a festive look for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the spring.