Ensuring Whipped Perfection: A Guide to Storing Reddi Whip after Opening

Reddi Whip, the popular aerosol whipping cream, adds a delightful touch of sweetness and creaminess to our favorite desserts and beverages. However, once the can is opened, questions arise about its shelf life and how long it can be safely consumed. In this informative article, we will explore the factors that affect the storage and freshness of Reddi Whip, providing you with essential knowledge to ensure you can enjoy every dollop of this delicious treat with confidence and peace of mind.

Understanding the shelf life of Reddi Whip

The shelf life of Reddi Whip after opening is affected by several key factors, including proper storage, exposure to air, temperature and the presence of any contaminants. While Reddi Whip is designed to maintain its quality over time, it is important to follow recommended guidelines to ensure both taste and safety.

  • Refrigeration: Reddi Whip should be refrigerated immediately after opening to maintain its freshness. The cold temperature of the refrigerator helps slow the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, ensuring the product remains safe for consumption.
  • Expiration date: Check the expiration date on the container before opening. This date indicates the manufacturer’s recommended time frame for consuming Reddi Whip at its peak quality. It is important to consume the whipped cream before this date for the best taste and texture.
  • Exposure to air: Reddi Whip deteriorates when exposed to air. Each time the canister is opened, air is introduced and the whipped cream is susceptible to oxidation, resulting in a loss of freshness. To minimize this effect, replace the cap or nozzle tightly after each use.

Determining the freshness of Reddi Whip

While there is no exact timeframe for how long Reddi Whip can be kept after opening, several indicators can help determine its freshness and safety:

  • Visual inspection: Inspect the whipped cream for any visible signs of spoilage, such as mold, discoloration or an unpleasant odor. If you notice any of these indicators, it is best to discard the product immediately.
  • Texture and Consistency: Over time, Reddi Whip may lose its light and fluffy texture and become denser or less stable. If the whipped cream appears watery or clumpy, it is likely past its prime and should be discarded.
  • Taste Test: If the visual inspection and texture appear normal, you can perform a small taste test. If the taste seems off, sour or unpleasant, it is advisable to discard the Reddi Whip to avoid potential foodborne illness.

Safety Precautions

To ensure the safety of your Reddi Whip and to minimize the risk of contamination, follow these precautions:

  • Avoid double dipping: To avoid introducing bacteria into the whipped cream, use a clean utensil each time you place Reddi Whip on a dessert or directly in your mouth. Double dipping with a utensil that has been in contact with food or saliva can lead to bacterial growth.
  • Hygienic handling: Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling the canister or dispensing whipped cream to minimize the risk of transferring contaminants.


When it comes to storing Reddi Whip after opening, it is crucial to prioritize both freshness and safety. By chilling the whipped cream, adhering to the expiration date, minimizing air exposure, and conducting visual inspections and taste tests, you can make an informed decision about whether the Reddi Whip is still safe to consume.

Remember that the guidelines provided in this article are general recommendations and individual factors such as storage conditions and handling practices may affect the shelf life of Reddi Whip. When in doubt, trust your senses and put your health and well-being first.

It is important to note that consumption of expired or spoiled Reddi Whip can potentially lead to foodborne illness. To protect yourself and others, it is always better to err on the side of caution and discard the whipped cream if you have any doubts about its freshness or safety.

To prolong the life of Reddi Whip and ensure optimal quality, follow these additional tips:

Maintain a cool temperature: Store Reddi Whip in the coldest part of your refrigerator, preferably below 40°F (4°C). Avoid placing it in the refrigerator door, as the temperature there tends to fluctuate more.

  • Avoid freezing: Freezing Reddi Whip is not recommended as it can negatively affect the texture and consistency of the whipped cream. In addition, freezing and thawing can cause separation and loss of flavor.
  • Gentle handling: Be careful how you handle the canister. Rough handling or excessive shaking can affect the stability of the whipped cream, resulting in changes in texture and overall quality.
  • Buy in moderation: If you find that you often struggle to use an entire canister of Reddi Whip before it expires, consider purchasing smaller sizes or quantities that better suit your usage habits. This will help reduce waste and ensure that you enjoy Reddi Whip at its freshest.

By following these guidelines and using proper storage practices, you can maximize the shelf life and maintain the delicious taste and texture of Reddi Whip, allowing you to indulge in its creamy goodness whenever your heart desires.

Remember, when it comes to the storage and consumption of any food product, it is important to prioritize food safety and personal well-being. If you have any concerns or notice any unusual changes in your Reddi Whip, it is always advisable to exercise caution and dispose of it to avoid any potential health risks.

Embrace the joy that Reddi Whip brings to your culinary creations and savor every dollop of its delicious creaminess by ensuring proper storage and responsible use.


How long can you keep reddi whip after its been opened?

Once the can is opened, Reddi Whip will last for up to two to three weeks in the refrigerator. However, it is important to note that Reddi Whip should be kept in an airtight container and should not be exposed to heat or direct sunlight. In addition, it should be used within one week of opening for the best quality.

How long does whipped cream last?

Homemade whipped cream lasts approximately one day if not stabilized and up to 4 days if stabilized. Aerosol whipped cream will keep for a couple of weeks after the date stamped on the can. Whipped topping products sold frozen in tubs will keep for months and up to two weeks after thawing in the refrigerator.

Refrigerator Freezer
Homemade whipping cream (unstabilized) 1 day 3+ months
Homemade whipping cream (stabilized) up to 4 days 3+ months
Aerosol whipping cream Best-by + two weeks
Cool Whip and similar 2 weeks 1-2 years

Aerosol whipped topping is best if you use it before the date on the label but they usually keep for at least another week or two. And no, opening the can does not limit the time you have to use the remaining whipped cream (unless the label says it does).

When it comes to products like Cool Whip, i.e., whipping ingredients sold in tubs that you can find in the freezer case, they maintain quality for months. The typical shelf life of one of those is about 18 months. Once you thaw it in the refrigerator, it generally retains its quality for about two weeks.


You can refreeze Cool Whip up to 5 times (possibly more) without significant loss of quality. Do that if you know you won’t finish the tub within the aforementioned two-week period.

How to store whipped cream?

Homemade whipped cream needs refrigeration, and so do most store-bought aerosol whipped creams. Leftovers should be covered tightly so they don’t smell or dry out.

When it comes to aerosol whipped cream products like Reddi Wip and the like, make sure the nozzle is kept nice and clean. That means rinsing it well with warm water and drying it after use. This way, the nozzle doesn’t get clogged and no microbes grow there.

For Fresh Whip and similar products, remember that if you want them to last as long as possible, you should refreeze them after taking out as much as you need. And that thawing anywhere other than the refrigerator (such as in the microwave, for example) is a bad idea.

How long does Reddi Whip stay good in the fridge?

Aerosol Whipped Cream – Reddi Wip & Similar Products
As you might imagine, there’s no way of telling if the product will keep quality for two weeks or two months past that date. Try to use whipped topping products within 2 to 3 weeks after their date.

Does Reddi Whip expire?

How long is Reddi whip good after expiration date? Whipped Cream Has a 3-Week Shelf Life Store-bought whipped cream in an aerosol can has a shelf life of up to 3 weeks after the date printed on the container.

How long does Aerosol cream last once opened?

Aerosol whipped cream is best if you use it by the date on the label ([LL]) but usually keep for at least an extra week or two. And no, opening the can doesn’t limit the time you have to use the remaining whipped cream (unless the label says it does).

Fridge Freezer
Cool Whip and the like 2 weeks 1 – 2 years

How do you store Reddi Whip?

With the nozzle of the Reddi whip, you can shape the dollops of the whipped cream into your desired shapes. Just keep the sizes even. Place the tray into the freezer to freeze till the dollops of whipped cream are frozen solid.

Does Reddi Whip need to be refrigerated?

We recommend that you use aerosol whipped cream for topping pies, cakes, beverages or desserts. The product is not recommended for cooking or baking. This product requires refrigeration. For best results we recommend using it by the date stamped on the canister.

What is the nutritional value of Reddi-Wip Original Whipped Topping?

With only 15 calories and 1 gram of fat per serving, Reddi-Wip whipped topping is an ideal addition to the kitchen. Those following a low-carb diet will be happy to know that there is only 1 gram per serving.

Does Aerosol whip cream go bad?

When stored in an aerosol can, store-bought whipped cream will remain fresh for up to 3 weeks beyond the date printed on the can. In a tub, unopened whipped topping will survive up to 2 weeks past the expiration date marked on the container or up to 10 days after opening.

How can you tell if whipped cream is bad?

Bad whipped cream may have an off and flat color (usually cream or yellowish). You may also notice a clumpy and thicker-than-usual texture. What is this? Whipped cream that has gone bad will give an off and sour aroma.

Does whipped cream spoil?

Whipped cream loses quality much faster than it technically spoils, even if we’re talking about stabilized whipped cream.