Finding the Optimal Amount of Coffee for the George Howell Kalita Wave Recipe

Brewing coffee is both an art and a science, with many factors contributing to the final taste and aroma of your cup. One critical element in achieving a great pour-over coffee is the ratio of coffee to water. In this article, we will explore the recommended grams of coffee to use with the George Howell Kalita Wave recipe, taking into account insights from two reputable sources: Prima Coffee Equipment and Coffee Stack Exchange.

Understanding the George Howell Kalita Wave Recipe

The George Howell Kalita Wave recipe has gained popularity among coffee enthusiasts for its unique brewing method and the delicious cups it produces. According to Prima Coffee Equipment’s comparison of Kalita Wave recipes, this particular method calls for 25-28 grams of coffee for 390 grams of water. This ratio suggests a stronger brew compared to other pour-over recipes.

The Coffee-to-Water Ratio Debate

While the George Howell recipe recommends a higher coffee-to-water ratio, some coffee lovers may find it too strong for their taste preferences. This debate is addressed in a Coffee Stack Exchange post where a user questions the reason for the larger amount of coffee in the recipe. The answer provided emphasizes that coffee-to-water ratios can vary depending on personal taste and the specific brewing method.

Exploring the Ratio Variations

Typically, pour-over recipes suggest a coffee-to-water ratio of 1:17, or 60 grams of coffee per liter of water. However, the George Howell Kalita Wave recipe deviates from this norm. Prima Coffee Equipment’s comparison shows a ratio of approximately 1:14 to 1:16, which is stronger than the average pour-over ratio. Additionally, a German source mentioned in the Coffee Stack Exchange post supports a ratio of 1:15.4 for the Kalita Wave.

Finding Your Perfect Ratio

Ultimately, the ratio of coffee to water is subjective and depends on personal preference. The George Howell Kalita Wave recipe’s recommendation of 25-28 grams of coffee to 390 grams of water may result in a more robust and flavorful cup. However, if you prefer a milder brew, you have the freedom to adjust the ratio to suit your taste. It is worth experimenting with different ratios to find the perfect balance that brings out the desired flavors in your coffee beans.

Tips for adjusting the coffee/water ratio for a milder brew

Here are some tips for adjusting the coffee-to-water ratio to achieve a milder brew using the George Howell Kalita Wave recipe:

  1. Reduce the coffee dosage: Start by reducing the amount of coffee in the recipe. Instead of the recommended 25-28 grams, try using about 18-20 grams of coffee. This reduction will result in a milder flavor profile.
  2. Increase the amount of water: Keeping the coffee dosage constant, increase the total amount of water used in the brewing process. For example, instead of using 390 grams of water, try using 420-450 grams. This dilution will help soften the intensity of the brew.
  3. Adjust the infusion time: Brew time can also affect the strength of your coffee. If you find the brew too strong, consider reducing the extraction time slightly. Experiment with reducing the total brew time by 15-30 seconds for a milder flavor.
  4. Finer grind size: Another way to achieve a milder brew is to adjust the grind size of the coffee beans. Finer grounds tend to extract faster, resulting in a lighter, less intense cup. Try grinding your coffee a little finer and notice the difference in flavor.
  5. Pre-infusion technique: Implementing a pre-infusion technique can also contribute to a milder brew. Instead of pouring in all the water at once, start by saturating the grounds with a small amount of water and let it steep for 30-45 seconds. This allows for a gentler extraction and can result in a smoother flavor.

Keep in mind that these adjustments are subjective, and it’s important to experiment and fine-tune the ratio based on your personal taste preferences. Keep track of the changes you make and evaluate the results to find the ideal coffee-to-water ratio that produces the milder, more balanced brew you desire.


The grams of coffee to be used with the George Howell Kalita Wave recipe are suggested to be between 25-28 grams for 390 grams of water. This ratio deviates from standard pour-over recommendations and is intended to produce a stronger and more flavorful cup of coffee. However, it is important to remember that personal taste preferences and brewing methods can affect the ideal ratio. Experimenting and finding the perfect balance between coffee and water will help you create a cup that suits your individual preferences. Enjoy the journey of discovering your ideal coffee-to-water ratio and enjoy the delicious flavors that the George Howell Kalita Wave recipe can deliver.


How many grams of coffee to use with the George Howell Kalita Wave recipe?

The George Howell Kalita Wave recipe recommends using 25-28 grams of coffee to 390 grams of water. This ratio is designed to produce a stronger and more robust cup of coffee. However, feel free to adjust the amount of coffee according to your taste preferences, keeping in mind that using less coffee will result in a milder brew. Experiment to find the ratio that suits your desired flavor profile.

How many grams of coffee are in a Kalita Wave?

Recommended range of 25-28grams of coffee. Grind size in brewing is an important consideration. The standard approach for Kalita Wave is to grind medium, and then adjust from there.

How do you make coffee with Kalita waves?

Quote from video: Go ahead and give your coffee a stir. And at 45 seconds you’re going to pour until you hit 200 grams of water within a minute do this in a spiral motion.

What is the grind size for Kalita Wave?

1. Grind: This will dictate how well the coffee brews. For the Kalita Wave, the grind setting should be 7.5 on a scale of 10 (1 being espresso fine, 10 being French Press coarse).