How much are Dutch teas?

Dutch Bros. Coffee Menu Prices

Dutch Tea Small $1.75
Dutch Tea Medium $2.25
Dutch Tea Large $3.00
Dutch Soda Small $1.75

How much is a large tea at Dutch?

Dutch Bros Prices 2022

Food Size Price
Infused Teas & Sodas
Dutch Tea Small $1.75
Dutch Tea Medium $2.25
Dutch Tea Large $3.00

What tea do they use at Dutch Bros?

Harney and Sons is our go to for all our tea purchases. Dutch Bros uses this tea.

Is Dutch Bros cheaper than Starbucks?

A Dutch Bros medium is 24 ounces, which is actually the same size as a Starbucks Venti, and costs less than a Starbucks Tall, which means that it is cheaper and larger.

How much is a golden eagle at Dutch?

Dutch Classics

Dutch Classics Small Medium
Golden Eagle $3.75 $4.25
Cocomo $5.25 $4.25
Americano $1.50 $2.00
Caramelizer $3.75 $4.25

How big is a small at Dutch Bros?

16 fluid ounces

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At Dutch Bros a small (16 fluid ounces) white chocolate mocha costs only $3, and a large (32 fluid ounces) is $4.50.

Do Dutch Bros teas have caffeine?

Black tea is a great option for those who want a dash of caffeine, but don’t like coffee. Green tea doesn’t have caffeine, but it’s tasty and has health benefits. Dutch Bros has either tea options like passionfruit, peach, strawberry and Double Rainbro.

Why is Dutch Bros so popular?

Dutch Bros is known for their friendly services. There hasn’t been a time where I have seen an employee without a smile on their face. They always ask about your day and like to make small talk while you’re waiting for your drink. It makes the waiting go by very quickly!

How much sugar is in a Dutch Bros tea?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 160 (669 kJ)
Sodium 5 mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 40 g 13%
Dietary Fiber 0 g 0%
Sugars 39 g

Does Dutch Bros give free drinks?

Get Drinks. Turn points into free drinks, and get rewarded for when you Dutch. Enjoy 125 Bonus Points for registering (halfway to your first free drink!)

What’s the best thing to get at Dutch Bros?

Top 15 Best Dutch Bros Drinks:

  • The White Chocolate Annihilator.
  • Vampire Slayer Rebel.
  • Iced Grand Canyon OG.
  • Flap Jack Breve.
  • Dino Egg Rebel.
  • Vanilla Cold Brew.
  • Dutch Crunch Breve with White Coffee.
  • White Zombie Mocha.

Did Dutch Bros raise their prices?

Moving back to inflationary costs, in November, Dutch Bros took 2.9 percent pricing, its first hike since COVID began. The company opts for smaller, infrequent price increases to build loyal and long-lasting relationships with customers, Jemley said.

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How much is a medium Dutch Bros?

Their prices are reasonable and their drinks come in a range of sizes, for a small you’ll be paying around $3, a medium is around $3.50 and a large is around $4.

Is Dutch Bros Starbucks?

Some people find Dutch Bros coffee a little watery. Compared to Starbucks, it certainly is. It doesn’t have the full-bodied flavor and aroma of Starbucks’s finest coffee. If you just want a quick coffee pick-me-up on a busy morning, Dutch Bros is great.

How much does it cost to open a Dutch brothers?

Dutch Bros is open for franchising but only to people already affiliated with the coffee franchise. This includes existing franchisees and employees only. The franchise fee is $30,000 and the initial investment is around $150,000 to $500,000. The liquid cash requirement is $150,000.

Do you get free Dutch on your birthday?

By participating in the Program, you will receive a one (1) Free “any size” Drink Reward (up to 32 oz.) on your birthday.

Which franchise makes the most money?

According to the Franchise 500 list of 2021, Taco Bell is the most profitable franchise to own.