How much is a large coffee at Dutch Bros?

Their prices are reasonable and their drinks come in a range of sizes, for a small you’ll be paying around $3, a medium is around $3.50 and a large is around $4.

How much is a Dutch Bros large coffee?


How much is a small drink at Dutch Bros? A small drink at Dutch Bros is $3.00. You can also get a medium drink for $3.50 and a large for $4.00.

How much is a 16 oz at Dutch Bros?

How big is a small at Dutch Bros? At Dutch Bros a small (16 fluid ounces) white chocolate mocha costs only $3, and a large (32 fluid ounces) is $4.50.

How much is a large iced Golden Eagle Dutch Bros?

Dutch Classics

Dutch Classics Small Large
Golden Eagle $3.75 $5.25
Cocomo $5.25 $5.25
Americano $1.50 $2.50
Caramelizer $3.75 $5.25

Is Dutch Bros cheaper than Starbucks?

A Dutch Bros medium is 24 ounces, which is actually the same size as a Starbucks Venti, and costs less than a Starbucks Tall, which means that it is cheaper and larger.

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What are Dutch Bros sizes?

Terms in this set (30)

  • Small Cup. 2 shots, 12 oz hot and 16 oz iced and blended.
  • Medium Cup. 2 shots, 16 oz hot cup and 24 oz iced and blended.
  • Large Cup. 4 shots, 20 oz hot cup and 32 oz iced and blended.
  • Kids Cup. 10 oz, no coffee just smoothies and hot cocoa.
  • Alternative size. …
  • Latte. …
  • Mocha. …
  • Breve.

How big is a large at Dutch Bros?

32 fluid ounces

At Dutch Bros a small (16 fluid ounces) white chocolate mocha costs only $3, and a large (32 fluid ounces) is $4.50. “The coffee is stronger and lasts longer from Starbucks,” junior Angela Agosto said. “However the prices and larger sizes at Dutch Bros are always more appealing.”

How much is a large tea at Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros. Coffee Menu Prices

Infused Teas & Sodas
Dutch Tea Small $1.75
Dutch Tea Medium $2.25
Dutch Tea Large $3.00

How many ounces is a medium at Dutch Bros?

Caffeine Amounts of Dutch Bros Coffee

Beverage Small (12 fl oz) Medium (16 fl oz)
911 Freeze 280.5 mg 280.5 mg
Dutch Cold Brew 293 mg (per can)
Iced Chai Latte 56.91 mg
Blended Chai Latte 40.65 mg

What is a 911 at Dutch Bros?

The 9-1-1 packs six shots of espresso, half and half and Irish cream syrup into one strong, energy-packed drink! Ready for you to enjoy hot, iced, or blended!

How much is a dragon slayer at Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros Menu Prices

Item Price
Bubblegum Banana, strawberry, vanilla. $3.75 4.0
Dinosaur Egg Blue raspberry with strawberry, white chocolate, almond drizzle. $4.20 5.0
Double Rainbro Strawberry, peach, coconut. $3.75
Dragon Slayer Raspberry, blue raspberry with blackberry drizzle. $3.75
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Did Dutch Bros raise their prices?

Moving back to inflationary costs, in November, Dutch Bros took 2.9 percent pricing, its first hike since COVID began. The company opts for smaller, infrequent price increases to build loyal and long-lasting relationships with customers, Jemley said.

Can you bring your own cup to Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros. stopped accepting mugs in 2020, a policy that’s still in place (though if you bring in a mug, a discount can still be applied, per a company spokesperson).

Is Dutch Bros a threat to Starbucks?

Dutch Bros. is still outperforming its rivals today
Currently, the chain is still outperforming the giants. Data from shows that as of September 2021, Dutch Bros. received 113.8% more visits than it had in October 2019, compared with an 11.9% increase for Dunkin’ and a 1.8% decrease for Starbucks.

What does breve mean coffee?

Breve coffee, aka cafe breve or breve latte, is a drink of equal parts espresso and half and half. It’s an Americanized version of the Italian latte that’s even richer and creamier. It’s closest in definition to the Cortado, a drink of Spanish origin that’s made with espresso and whole milk.

Is a breve or latte healthier?

Because of the half-and-half, breves contain more cholesterol. As a result, they are rather unhealthy. For a ‘skinny’ drink, order a regular latte with skim milk and use Splenda or go sugar-free.

Does Dutch Bros use half-and-half?

All breve drinks at Dutch Bros are made with their Kick Me Mix, which is basically their term for half-and-half. Such beverages are creamier compared to the other ones made with regular milk.