Is it necessary to keep a portafilter in the grouphead when not in use?

The main reason for leaving your portafilter in the group is for heat IMHO. When it is in there, you do not need to wrench it on hard. Keep it lightly on, just enough to keep it from falling out. It does not degrade the gasket any faster than having the machine on all the time.

Should you leave the portafilter in?

Yes, always keep the portafilter on the machine, that way when you’re ready to use it the portafilter is going to be nice and hot.

Do you leave portafilter in Grouphead?

Leave portafilters in groupheads overnight to prevent gaskets from drying and cracking. Always pull a throwaway shot first thing in the morning to remove cleaning residue.

Where do you store portafilters when not in use?

Quote from video: On the drip tray or off on the side or sometimes they put them in a in a drawer or something like that. But. If you want the best quality espresso.

When a portafilter is not in use how firmly should you lock it into the Grouphead?

There is not a need to push the portafilter towards to the extreme tightness all the way. Regardless of the size of the espresso machine, it would be best to hold lightly with firmness onto one corner of the machine while turning the portafilter in the group head.

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Should an espresso machine be left on?

Quote from video: General recommendation is to not leave unattended machine switched on now Michael uses a timer on his own home machine. So it's fully heated up and ready to go when he wants to use it.