Is it OK to harvest rhubarb in September?

Harvesting, or picking rhubarb is a very simple process. Rhubarb is harvested by hand, and ONLY the stalks are edible. In Canada and the United States, the rhubarb season runs from about April to September, although it can also be grown forced.

When should you stop picking rhubarb?

Although the stems remain edible and tasty through summer, it’s best to stop harvesting by June, or at least only take a few stalks after then, so you don’t over-harvest and weaken the plant. To harvest, hold the stalk at the base and ease it out of the ground – try to avoid snapping it off.

Is rhubarb still good to pick in the fall?

Although they can be picked into early fall, you want to make sure that you stop collecting the yummy stalks well before the last frost, to help ensure that the plant makes it through winter. The best stalks to harvest should be at least 10 to 15 inches long.

Can you pick rhubarb in September UK?

Re: Harvesting rhubarb in September

I do not pick any rhubarb after June, as the early stuff is far superior in taste and texture. It also allows the rhubarb plant to recover before the Winter.

Is rhubarb safe to eat in October?

If possible, it’s best to grow rhubarb in full sun, but is fairly tolerant of partial shade. They will remain in the same position for up to 10 years and the soil immediately surrounding the plant cannot be dug, so position it with this in mind.