Is the TikTok drink on the secret menu?

Starbucks lovers have dubbed this beverage “The TikTok drink.” But if your barista is unfamiliar with the recipe (a secret menu doesn’t tangibly exist, after all), here’s what you should order in-store: a venti-sized Açaí Refresher blended with three scoops of strawberries and three scoops of berries.

How do you order a TikTok drink?

The trendy so-called “TikTok drink” has somewhat mysterious origins according to Reddit, but it very much is something you can order at Starbucks. Ask for: A Venti-sized Strawberry Açaí Refresher with three scoops of strawberries, three scoops of blackberries and a “matching size scoop of ice” all blended together.

How do you get Starbucks TikTok drink?

To order, ask for a venti Strawberry Acai Lemonade with three pumps of classic syrup and three pumps of raspberry syrup. Finish off with a splash of Passion tea on top. Bright and fun, you’re sure to come back for this TikTok Starbucks drink all summer long.

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What is the TikTok drink called?

Strawberry Acai Refresher (The TikTok Drink)

To order the TikTok Drink, ask for a venti strawberry acai refresher with three scoops of strawberries, three scoops of blackberries, and an equal-sized scoop of ice.

Is the TikTok drink real at Starbucks?

They’re considered to be on the secret menu since these modified drinks aren’t on the official Starbucks menu. Starbucks baristas aren’t trained in making TikTok drinks so always give them the ingredients and how it should be made instead of the name of the drink.

Does Starbucks have a secret menu?

The Starbucks secret menu is real, and it’s spectacular. There’s no end to the delicious, highly Instagrammable creations on the hidden menu, including everything from candy-inspired Frappuccinos to gem-colored refreshers.

Is the tie dye Frappuccino still available?

Unfortunately like all good things, the Tie-Dye Frappuccino will only be available for a limited time at Starbucks locations in the US and Canada. Officially until July 14th, but it’s also while supplies last so find those less frequented Starbucks locations in your area to enjoy these crazy colors for even longer!

How do I order TikTok white mocha?

How to order this drink from the barista: Ask for an Iced White Mocha topped with vanilla sweet cream cold foam and extra caramel drizzle. Let them know if you want the drizzle coating the cup, as well as on top.

What is in a pink drink?

Starbucks Pink Drink is a light and refreshing beverage that features the sweet flavors of Strawberry Acai Refreshers® with accents of passion fruit and acai combined with Coconutmilk, and topped with a scoop of strawberries.

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Is the pink drink good?

It’s definitely worth a try. Not only is the drink a gorgeous shade (Pantone’s color of the year), but it’s also delicious, low in calories, and perfect for the warmer days ahead. Bonus? There’s a bit of green coffee extract in the drink, which gives its drinkers a mild caffeine boost.

What does the TikTok drink taste like?

It’s made with balsamic vinegar and sparkling water—and TikTok creators claim it tastes like real Coke. Oh come on, I had to try it!

How much is the TikTok Starbucks drink?

Drink Cost

A grande Iced White Mocha with sweet cream foam and extra caramel drizzle is about $7.00. The Iced White Mocha is about $5, the extra caramel drizzle is $0.60, and the vanilla sweet cream cold foam is an additional $1.00.

What is in the TikTok pink drink Starbucks?

Base drink: Pink Drink

A Starbucks Refresher beverage, the Pink Drink is made with strawberry acai base, coconutmilk, ice, and freeze-dried strawberries.

Do McDonald’s have a secret menu?

Most places, whether you realize it or not, offer secret menu items. Prepare yourselves: McDonald’s (yes, the beloved home of the Big Mac) offers a secret menu that’ll save you a couple bucks and curb those fast food cravings.

How do you order a Skittles frappuccino?

To order a Skittles Frappuccino, the source shares to ask for a Venti Strawberry Creme Frappuccino. Next, ask for four pumps of vanilla syrup and 1.5 pumps of raspberry syrup. Be sure to have your barista add whipped cream on top and you’re set!

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How do I order a unicorn frappuccino?

Order an Iced White Chocolate Mocha with blue syrup, and request unicorn dust to give it that magical, fairytale touch.

What is the mermaid drink at Starbucks?

The Mermaid Frappuccino is a lovely mix of bright pink berry with green matcha drizzled around the cup. It’s sounds delicious and photographs beautifully! We do need to warn you that the drizzle takes time to make as it is not readily available, and not all locations will do this for you.

How do you make a mermaid Frappuccino?

Quote from video: We're going to add this to the blender as well and then finally we want to take our can coconut milk and measure out 1 tablespoon. And throw this in the blender. Along with half a cup of ice.