Is Zico coconut water all natural?

8.45 oz, pack of 24. Naturally Delicious Pure Hydration: Our Natural 100% Coconut Water has five naturally occurring electrolytes- magnesium, sodium, calcium, phosphorous, and potassium. In fact, one bottle of ZICO contains as much potassium as a small banana.

Flavor Natural Coconut Water
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Is Zico coconut water pure?

Simply put, ZICO is pure, natural coconut water with coconuts sourced from Thailand and other parts of Asia. Our coconuts are hand harvested and craftily blended into our natural 100% coconut water to deliver the optimal sweetness so that we don’t have to add sugar.

Is Zico coconut water organic?

Zico: Plastic container, non-organic, not from concentrate. Non-GMO. 100% coconut water, ultra-high temp pasteurized.

Is ZICO organic? Please recycle. From the trees to your taste buds: organic and delicious every step of the way. Certified organic: supports hydration with naturally occurring electrolytes.

Is Zico coconut water from concentrate?

About this item. ZICO is pure 100% coconut water and 100% hydrating. With NO added sugar and not from concentrate, ZICO is the naturally hydrating beverage of choice for a post workout replenishment, the morning after a night out, or just whenever you feel like having a delicious beverage.

Is Zico coconut water healthy?

ZICO natural 100% coconut water drink is naturally sweet with no added sugar. This product can be a part of your healthy and balanced diet since it helps support hydration with five naturally-occurring electrolytes: potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, and phosphorus.

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Is Zico coconut water being discontinued?

Zico coconut water was discontinued amid Coca-Cola’s significant product cuts last year, but has now been bought back by its original creator, Mark Rampolla, and his company PowerPlant Ventures, for an undisclosed sum, reports Food Business News.

Is UFC coconut water healthy?

It’s made of 100% natural coconut water and not from concentrate. It has also no added sugar, additives, colours and flavours, making it a healthier choice. It is also free of caffeine, fat, cholesterol, preservatives and gluten thus giving the coconut water a unique and refreshing taste.

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