NS Oscar II should I drain the boiler before storage?

If there is any possibility of storage temperatures going below freezing, you must drain it. I would drain the machine regardless. Thanks for the answer.

Should I drain my espresso machine?

If you need to transport/ship your machine or are planning to store it in an area where it could possibly freeze, it’s important that you first drain the boiler to mitigate any damage from leaking or freezing.

How do you drain a coffee maker boiler?


  1. Turn offmachine. …
  2. Remove drip tray.
  3. Locate the drain valve. …
  4. Slowly open the drain valve – hot water should start to drain. …
  5. Once the water stops draining close the valve. …
  6. Open the steam valves – turn the steam wands on and keep them locked in the on position.

How do you drain Nuova Simonelli?

Quote from video: So to drain the boiler you're going to want to shut your water. Off. Wait sorry shut your water off and then make sure that your machine is completely depressurized.

How do you drain a Breville espresso machine?

Quote from video: Place a towel on top of the drip tray and then remove the rubber plug. Let's unscrew the Left drain valve. Water from the coffee boiler should begin to drain.

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How do you drain an espresso boiler?

Quote from video: Take off that everything everything that can come off take it off. Then we're gonna tip this machine on its side and I've got some towels here to give it a soft landing. So you don't scratch it.

How do you drain a single boiler espresso machine?

Quote from video: You need a sink it's gone all over the place. So. By tipping it down like they should get more.

How do you drain a heat exchanger boiler?

Quote from video: Just going to open the hot water tap and drain. All of the water inside. Them. We'll just wait for the machine to stop sizzling. That's most of the water. That's inside the steam.

How do you drain a heat exchanger?

Draining the Heat Exchanger

  1. Shut off the flow of water at the source. …
  2. Open the door assembly to a 90-degree angle.
  3. Unscrew the captive screw 1 on the hose-retention plate 2 as shown in the following figure. …
  4. Lift the plate out of the door assembly.
  5. Disconnect the supply hose 4 and return hose 5 from the Heat Exchanger.