What can you do with decorative pumpkins?

9 Uses for Mini Pumpkins

  • They make the perfect bowl filler.
  • Turn them into a tea light holder.
  • Make simple place markers.
  • Let kids take markers to them.
  • Play tic tac toe.
  • Add Fall to even the smallest of spaces.
  • Give the squirrels a treat.
  • Make them into edible bowls.

Can you use decorative pumpkins to eat?

It’s decorative gourd season, Mainers. The knobby, colorful squash may seem too pretty to eat, but you technically could eat this organic autumnal home decor if you really wanted to — it just might not be worth it. Though ornamental gourds are often labeled as “inedible,” the majority of them are not toxic to humans.

What can you do with pumpkin carvings?

Here’s how to use your raw pumpkin guts in 11 different delicious and nifty ways.

  • What to do with Pumpkin Guts After You Carve Them.
  • Homemade Pumpkin Puree. Inspired Taste. …
  • Homemade Stock or Broth. Busted Button. …
  • Pumpkin Juice. In Literature. …
  • Roasted Pumpkin Seeds. Taste of Home. …
  • Pumpkin Risotto. …
  • Pumpkin Butter. …
  • Hard Squash Hummus.

Are decorative Halloween pumpkins edible?

While they can be eaten, the mass-produced Halloween pumpkins found at grocery stores are bred to be decorations and do not have good flavor or texture. To avoid waste, chop them up and put them in the compost after October 31st. Or donate them to a goat farmer. The seeds, however, can always be roasted and enjoyed.

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What can I do with old decorative gourds?

Shells and pieces of metal can be added to the dried gourds to create musical instruments. The gourd material can be wood-burned, carved, painted or stained. Carve small pieces into jewelry, such as rings and bracelets. You can also pound the fibers out and turn them into handmade paper sheets.

Can you eat decorative small pumpkins?

But it turns out that mini pumpkins are not just decoration—they’re edible! Read on for recipes, ideas and inspiration… For savory pumpkins: Wash your pumpkins and cut off the top the same way you would a regular sized jack-o-lantern.

Can you use decorative pumpkins for pie?

With the passing of Halloween, so too ends the season of using food as table and yard decorations. Here’s how to put those pumpkins to culinary good use.

What do farmers do with leftover pumpkins?

“Larger pumpkin growers,” said Mynatt, “usually return any unsold pumpkins back to the field and plow them in to add extra nutrients to the soil. People on farms that have livestock often feed them to cattle, sheep, goats, chickens and poultry.

What can I do with a stringy pumpkin?

The slimy stuff – yes, you can use that stringy slimy stuff in the middle of the pumpkin: Put it in a pan with plenty of water, and boil it to make a thin broth. Strain the broth, then mix it with apple or orange juice and mulling spices for an aromatic autumnal warmer.