What chapter do the Joads Meet the Wilsons?

Who do the Joads meet in Chapter 13?

Thus, in Chapter 13, at the gas station, the family encounters the hostility and suspicion described in Chapters 12, 14, and 15. The attendant unfairly pegs the Joads as vagrants and seems sure that they have come to beg gas from him.

What happened in chapter 13 of Grapes of Wrath?

At sundown, the family pulls over to camp, and they find themselves by Ivy and Sarah (Sairy) Wilson, a couple from Kansas, stranded with a broken-down car. Sairy is ill, but she and her husband welcome the Joads. Granpa becomes ill and, sheltered in a tent offered by the Wilsons, has a stroke and dies.

What happened in chapter 15 of Grapes of Wrath?

While talking to Mae, they describe an accident in which a truck, laden with mattresses and cookware and kids, was struck by a reckless driver. Meanwhile, another car brimming with household goods pulls off the highway, and a man and his two young boys enter the diner to ask for 10 cents worth of bread.

What happens in chapter 12 of Grapes of Wrath?

Chapter 12 is a generalized vision of the harrowing journey west made by the displaced families. Thousands of people travel the highway, in constant fear over the state of their vehicles and their dwindling finances. Many are discouraged or run out of money. Their abandoned cars litter the highway.

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What is Chapter 14 about in The Grapes of Wrath?

In this chapter, we see these dominant owners blinded by their own greed. They sense that a change is imminent, but Steinbeck suggests that their insulation from the land prevents them from understanding the undeniable power that will arise from the development of a like-minded community of disenfranchised people.

What chapter do the Joads get to California?

Chapter 18

Summary: Chapter 18
After traveling through the mountains of New Mexico and the Arizona desert, the Joads and Wilsons arrive in California.

How do the Joads and the Wilsons help each other?

How do the Joads and Wilsons help each other? The Wilsons give hospitality and shelter, and help when Grandpa dies, and in turn the Joads fix the Wilsons’ car.

Where are the Wilsons from Grapes of Wrath?

The Two Families Split

Despite one more car breakdown, the Joad’s and the Wilson’s help each other make it to California, just on the other side of Arizona.