What does a black diamond watermelon look like?

Black Diamond is a classic oblong watermelon with a black-green rind covering bright red, crisp, flavorful flesh. In the 1950s, Black Diamond was a very popular home garden variety. Fruits have gray-black seeds (perfect for seed spitting contests) and can grow quite large.

What does a ripe black diamond watermelon look like?

As the Black Diamond matures, the skin turns dark green and becomes dull. The skin on the belly of the fruit, where it touches the ground, becomes a light yellow. The melon is ripe when it has a light yellow belly and dull, dark-green skin on the rest of the surface.

What’s the difference between a regular watermelon and a black diamond watermelon?

Black diamond watermelons look distinctly different from the green striped fruit you’re used to seeing. As you can imagine, their rind is completely a dark green-black color. Black diamond watermelons have an incredibly high water content – 92%, to be exact!

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Is black Diamond a good watermelon?

Black Diamond watermelons are an excellent late-season open-pollinated variety for home and market growers. The dark blue-green rind is tough and bruise resistant, and the flesh is bright red with great flavor, sweet and firm.

What is so special about a black diamond watermelon?

Black diamond watermelons are known for their enormous size and their juicy, sweet flesh. This heirloom variety is popular for home gardens as well as large, commercial farms. The dark, blue-green-black melons have rich red flesh. and typically lack the usual stripes of more familiar watermelon varieties.

What is the most expensive watermelon?

A black jumbo watermelon auctioned in northern Japan fetched a record 650,000 yen (US$6,100) Friday, making it the most expensive watermelon ever sold in the country — and possibly the world.

Why is black watermelon so expensive?

Found only in the northern part of Japan’s Hokkaido Island, the yield of these rare watermelons is also very low. They grow only 100 pieces in a whole year. This is the reason why it is very difficult to get it in the fruit market.

What is the best tasting watermelon?

25 of the Best Watermelon Varieties

  • Picnic. Allsweet. Charleston Gray. Crimson Sweet. …
  • Icebox. Blacktail Mountain. Bush Sugar Baby. Sweet Beauty.
  • Personal. Golden Midget. Little Darling. …
  • Giant. Black Diamond Yellow Belly. Carolina Cross #183. …
  • Seedless. Big Tasty. Mini Piccolo. …
  • Orange, Yellow, or White Flesh. Orange Crisp. Orangeglo.

What is the sweetest watermelon variety?

Sultan. Sultan is one of the sweetest varieties you’ll find, this one measures 12.3 on the Brix scale. The fruits average 15 pounds and ripen within 95 days.

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What color watermelon is the sweetest?

According to the experts at the Watermelon Board, yellow and orange watermelons are generally sweeter than those with pink or red flesh. Seedless watermelons tend to have a crisper texture than those with seeds, they add.

How many watermelons do you get per plant?

2-4 fruits

How Many Watermelons per Plant? Healthy watermelon vines produce 2-4 fruits per plant. The vines produce both male and female flowers. Both are needed to set fruit and there are fewer female flowers compared to male, about one female for every seven males.

How much does a black watermelon cost?

They are very rare and every year there are fewer than a hundred. The Densuke watermelon is considered the most expensive watermelon in the world and it can cost a minimum of $250 up to $6,000 each.

What does a black watermelon taste like?

Black Watermelon Taste
“Black Diamond’ watermelons taste mild and delicate due to their high water content, which is more than 92 percent. Over the years, these watermelons have been cultivated to have a more appealing flavor that’s sweet and satisfying, which means they’re an excellent dessert fruit.

How big do heirloom Black Diamond watermelons get?

Black Diamond Heirloom Watermelon grows on tough, vigorous vines. Black Diamond Watermelon fruits can average 30-50 pounds, with some reaching up to 125 pounds! This watermelon variety has dark, blue-green thick rinds which protect the sweet, firm bright-red flesh.

What is a black seedless watermelon?

What we call a Seedless Black Watermelon (because of its extremely dark green skin) is actually properly known as an Imagination Melon. Whatever its name, we love this melon for its great consistency and flavor.

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Why is my watermelon black?

A lack of calcium ultimately causes rapidly developing cells in fruits to collapse on themselves, turning the blossom end of the watermelon into a black, leathery lesion. Blossom rot in watermelons is caused by a lack of calcium, but simply adding more calcium isn’t going to help the situation.

What is a black mamba watermelon?

One of our vendors, Hermiston Melon Company, are known for a special variety of watermelon called “The Black Mamba”. Named after their dark exterior, these melons are highly sought after for their super juicy, sweet and refreshing taste. Make sure to add them to your list the next time you come visit us at the markets!