What is in rice malt syrup?

Rice malt syrup (RMS) is made from 100% organic brown rice. It is made through culturing rice with enzymes to breakdown the starches and then cooking until it becomes syrup. The final product contains soluble complex carbohydrates, maltose and a small amount of glucose. Rice malt syrup is 100% fructose free.

Is rice malt syrup healthier than sugar?

In accordance to the Sydney Uni Testing Lab, this puts rice malt syrup as almost the same GI as pure glucose (the maximum GI) which has a GI of 100/100. What’s a healthy sugar alternative? The truth is there is no healthy alternative.

How is rice malt syrup made?

It is produced by exposing cooked rice to enzymes that break down starches and turn them into smaller sugars, then filtering out the impurities. The result is a thick, sugary syrup. Brown rice syrup contains three sugars — maltotriose (52%), maltose (45%), and glucose (3%).

Is honey or rice malt syrup better for you?

Rice malt syrup is a sweetener made from brown rice and is recommended for those looking to reduce their fructose intake. It is also a good option for vegans who want to avoid eating honey. However, rice malt syrup has a higher glycaemic index than sugar, honey, and maple syrup, along with a much higher price tag.

What can I replace rice malt syrup with?

If you can’t find this syrup then barley malt syrup would be a good alternative and is available from similar sources (please note though that this syrup is not gluten-free). Otherwise agave syrup (agave nectar), which is now available in many supermarkets, would be the next best alternative.

Does rice malt syrup contain arsenic?

We asked Pureharvest, who make the rice malt syrup we use, about this and they got their product tested (they do so regularly using independent laboratories). The tests show their syrup is well below the detectable level for arsenic in food.

Can I substitute honey for rice malt syrup?

Because of its sweetness, people generally prefer to use less honey when substituting rice syrup, ¾ cup of honey per 1 cup of rice syrup should do. Luckily, honey has a very thick consistency, meaning the moisture and final texture of the product won’t be affected too much, unlike with the runnier maple syrup.

Is rice malt syrup Keto?

Rice Malt Syrup
It contains complex carbohydrates, maltose and glucose. As with all nutritive sweeteners, they are not suitable for a very low-carb diet and also, there is a controversy regarding the safety of rice malt syrup, as it may contain potentially harmful levels of dietary arsenic.

Is rice syrup fructose?

Most sweeteners contain high amounts of fructose (hence the name “high fructose corn syrup”) combined with glucose. Brown rice syrup, on the other hand, does not contain fructose. It includes three sugars in total — maltotriose (52%), maltose (45%), and glucose (3%).

Can diabetics have rice malt syrup?

Rice Syrup (aka Rice Malt Syrup)
Some fans and manufacturers also say that it is a “complex, slow-digesting carbohydrate with a low glycemic index and is suitable for people with diabetes.” It is not. It has a high glycemic index of 98, as you would expect with a maltose-based sweetener (maltose has a GI of 105).

Can you substitute maple syrup for rice malt syrup?

Substitution Quantity: Since maple syrup is sweeter, use ¾ cup of maple syrup in place of 1 cup of brown rice syrup.

What’s the best alternative to sugar?

Common sugar substitutes and sweeteners

  • Maple syrup. Type: Natural sweetener. …
  • Date paste. Type: Natural sweetener. …
  • Honey. …
  • Coconut sugar. …
  • Agave nectar. …
  • Monk fruit extracts (brand names: Nectresse, PureLo) …
  • Stevia extracts (brand names: Pure Via, Truvia, SweetLeaf) …
  • Xylitol (brand names: XyloSweet, Ideal, PolySweet)

What does rice malt syrup taste like?

Rice malt syrup is bland and often has an unpleasant aftertaste. It doesn’t have any of the intrinsic aroma or flavour of other natural syrups such as honey or maple syrup. It is also about half as sweet as honey and therefore more is required to achieve a similar level of sweetness.

Is rice syrup unhealthy?

The Takeaway
Brown rice syrup is not a healthier option compared to white sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, or other sugar alternatives. Just because it’s not refined sugar and appears in many organic foods doesn’t mean it’s necessarily healthy.

Is rice malt syrup OK?

Other than an efficient source of energy, rice malt syrup is the perfect sweetener for those following a low FODMAP diet (often for fructose intolerance), and unlike honey, is suitable for vegans. It is gluten free and contains no artificial colours and flavours so it is ideal for our natural nutrition approach.

Is rice syrup good for health?

On balance, rice syrup is a product recommended by health experts as useful only in the absence of alternative sweeteners. The high glycaemic index is a major reason to consider its use carefully: it has almost twice the calories of an equivalent amount of white sugar.

Is rice syrup better for you than corn syrup?

Their only difference is that rice syrup doesn’t contain the same nutty flavor found in corn syrup. Rice syrup, just like corn syrup, can be used for candy-making and other high-temperature cooking. It’s considered to be a healthier alternative to corn syrup since it contains fewer calories.