What is Kiva Confections?

About Kiva Confections: Kiva Confections was founded in 2010 with a clear mission – change how the world views and uses cannabis for the better. Frustrated by the inconsistent, low-quality edibles available at the time, a young couple began making chocolate bars out of their Bay Area home kitchen.

Is Kiva a indica or Sativa?

Dip your feet into the slow current of a cool river with Kiva’s new Yuzu Lemon Camino gummies. Let its harmonizing blend of THC and CBD, sativa and indica terpenes, and sweet, subtly tart notes of citrus balance you from the inside out.

What strain is Kiva?

Synergistic blend of sativa and indica and 5mg THC. Uplifting sativa-like terpenes meets juicy watermelon in these 5mg THC vegan gummies. The perfect balance of CBD and THC, the microdosable mints will warm your senses and chill you out. Chill indica-like terpenes meets bold citrus in these 5mg THC vegan gummies.

What is edible Kiva?

Strain-specific, plant-based edibles infused with 100% live resin for a distinctively full spectrum, true-to-the-plant-high assist in creating an unmatched high. Novices need not apply.

Are Kiva Confections vegan?

Sours are also special in that unlike in other cannabis-infused gummies, our team didn’t just pump up the citric acid ingredient in our Sours. We re-engineered Camino from the ground up to provide a satisfying, mouth-puckering, sour experience that also happens to be completely vegan!

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Are Kiva bars strong?

Their flagship product, the Kiva Bar is a chocolate bar that comes in two doses—60mg and 180mg of THC and are made in six different flavors.

How long do Kiva edibles last?

Effects will last roughly 4-6 hours, though unusually high doses can last for more than 24 hours. Be mindful of your tolerance and increase your dose in small increments to avoid an overwhelming experience.

How are Kiva edibles made?

Kiva’s products bound for the California market are crafted in its 13,000-square-foot space in Oakland. The company employs melting tanks and tempering machines for its chocolate bars; tablet presses for its mints; and depositors for its gummies. “Most of our manufacturing is done by hand,” says Palmer.

Where is Kiva Confections located?

Company Description: Kiva Confections is located in San Leandro, CA, United States and is part of the Specialty Food Stores Industry.