Where can I buy blood oranges?

Can you buy blood oranges at the grocery store?

If you are looking to track down some blood oranges, you should be able to find them in most grocery stores.

Are blood oranges available now?

Available from December to April, blood oranges are often both sweeter and less tart than other types of oranges, with a pleasantly bitter edge.

What season can you buy blood oranges?

Blood orange season

Blood oranges are in season in winter and early spring, from about December through April. They thrive in Mediterranean climates, so they are mostly grown in California, Italy, and Spain. Blood oranges (and all citrus fruits) don’t ripen after they are harvested from the tree.

Where can blood oranges be found?

Today, the fruit can be found in virtually every country in the world. Blood oranges continue to thrive in Mediterranean climates such as Italy, Spain and Malta. California, with its Mediterranean-like climate, produces the majority of the U.S. crop, though Arizona, Texas and Florida grow some as well.

How much does a blood orange cost?

On average, blood oranges cost $1.40/lb compared to $1.25/lb for juicing oranges and $1.3/lb for navel oranges.