Where do bananas grow in the US?

US banana production is very limited; in 2009, US total banana production reached almost 7,000 mmt, or 0.01% of the total world production, on an estimated 16,000 acres. Hawaii is by far the largest banana producer in the United States, followed by Florida.

Where can banana trees grow in the US?

Ideal Hardiness Zones

The cold hardy banana tree can be grown in hardiness zones 4–11 all across the US. However, if you live in colder parts of Alaska, the North, or the Midwest, you may have less success with keeping your tree alive for more than a few years.

Are bananas grown in California?

Bananas can be grown well and easily throughout most of Southern California between the mountains and the ocean, specifically Sunset Zones 24 down to 21 (find your Sunset zone here). Think of the areas that the marine layer consistently rolls over each summer night.

Where are bananas grown mostly?

India is the top country by bananas production in the world. As of 2020, bananas production in India was 31.5 million tonnes that accounts for 26.23% of the world’s bananas production. The top 5 countries (others are China, Indonesia, Brazil, and Ecuador) account for 53.47% of it.

Which state is the largest producer of banana?

Production(000 Tonnes)

Sr No. State Production
1 Andhra Pradesh 5,003.07
2 Gujarat 4,472.32
3 Maharashtra 4,209.27
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Can you grow bananas in Los Angeles?

Quote from video: This is a fantastic banana tree and it happens to be in my backyard. In the Los Angeles. Area. So bananas do grow here. But the tree does not produce a whole lot I've just gone through and actually