Where is Breyers ice cream made in Canada?

Simcoe, OntarioSimcoe, Ontario, using 100% Canadian Dairy and sustainably sourced vanilla beans.

Is Breyers Ice Cream Canadian?

We Always Start with High Quality Ingredients

Breyers is ice cream is made with Canadian milk and cream with made with 100% Canadian milk and milk ingredients.

Where is Breyers ice cream manufactured?

Breyers manufactures ice cream and frozen desserts in Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States of America.

Who makes real ice cream in Canada?

Nestlé REAL

Nestlé REAL DAIRY Ice Cream | Crafted in Canada.

Where are the dairies that make Breyers located?

Unilever NV bought the company in 1993 then ditched Philadelphia shortly thereafter. It’s been almost two decades since Breyer’s manufactured ice cream in Philadelphia.

What company owns Breyers ice cream?


The Breyers® Ice Cream Company was bought by Unilever® from Kraft®, becoming a part of the Gold Bond-Good Humor Ice Cream Company, which was renamed to the Good Humor-Breyers® Ice Cream Company.

Is Breyers not real ice cream?

You probably haven’t noticed, but something very subtle is happening in the ice cream aisle and not everyone is happy about it. Breyers has been making ice cream since 1866, but if you look closely, ice cream isn’t ice cream anymore. It’s frozen dairy dessert.

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Is Breyers an American brand?

Breyers is a brand of ice cream started in 1866 by William A. Breyer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Is Chapmans ice cream Canadian?

Made by Canadians, for all of us Canadians! At Chapman’s, we’ve been making perfectly delicious ice cream and frozen treats since 1973. Today, we are the largest independent ice cream manufacturer in Canada.