Who invented Golden Grahams?

Introduced in 1975 by General Mills, Golden Grahams were inspired by (as the name might imply) graham crackers.

Is Golden Grahams discontinued?

Here, we know that company as General Mills but the Cereal Partners company is owned by Nestle. Unfortunately, it seems as though Golden Graham was discontinued in the UK. However, this cereal is still alive and well in the US and remains popular.

When did Golden Grahams remove honey?

There’s the betrayal. Maybe I’m the most deliberately ignorant Golden Grahams fan, but I had no clue honey left the cereal around 2012—a fact that makes the ’80s box theming feel a little disingenuous. Regardless, I’m excited to taste real honey in my Golden Graham again.

Why are Golden Grahams so good?

Quote from video: New. New it has a sweeter. Longer lasting aftertaste. And a more hearty crunch than the old version. So yes general mills has absolutely changed the recipe.

Is Golden Grahams a girlfriend?

Are Golden Grahams® Gluten-Free? The processed, store-bought version of Golden Grahams® are NOT gluten-free.

Who owns Golden Grahams?

General Mills Cereal

Golden Grahams | Whole Grain Cereal | General Mills Cereal.

Can dogs eat Golden Grahams cereal?

Again, since cereal does not add any substantial nutrients to your dog’s diet, only use it as a “sometimes food,” if at all, and not as a full meal. A great deal of cereal types contain so much sugar and are so highly processed that, while they are safe to eat once in a while, they should generally be avoided.

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Are Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Golden Grahams the same?

The main ingredient of both Golden Grahams and Cinnamon Toast Crunch is whole grain wheat, and Golden Grahams also contain cornmeal, whereas Cinnamon Toast Crunch contains rice flour.

Do Golden Grahams use real honey?

Product Details. Start your morning with the sweet, graham cracker taste of Golden Grahams™ cereal. Made with a touch of real honey for an irresistible graham cracker flavor your family will love; it’s a quick and easy breakfast idea for kids.