Who owns Alaskan Brewing?

Geoff and Marcy Larson…
Alaskan Brewing Company.

Products Beer
Owner Geoff and Marcy Larson
Website www.alaskanbeer.com

Who owns Alaska beer?

Founder Geoff Larson

Alaskan co-Founder Geoff Larson recently sat down for a few questions about the inspiration behind the beer he first brewed nearly 20 years ago. So what was the inspiration to put Sitka Spruce tips in a beer?

Where is Alaska Brewing?


All our beer is brewed and bottled at our facility here in Juneau, and we’re proud to serve and sell it fresh from the source! At the Tasting Room, we sell individual bottles, 6-packs, 12-packs and cases of our beers, as well as 5-gallon kegs (about 40 16-oz pints) of beer.

What beers are made in Alaska?

8 Delicious Alaska Beers You Have to Try

  • Halibut Point Hefeweizen. The Baranof Island Brewing Co. …
  • Spruce Tip Pale Ale. …
  • Roughneck Stout. …
  • Arctic Rhino. …
  • Galaxy White IPA. …
  • HooDoo Stout. …
  • Denali Blonde. …
  • Head Buzzard Double IPA.
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What kind of beer is Alaskan?

Alaskan Amber is made from glacier-fed water and a generous blend of the finest quality European and Pacific Northwest hop varieties and premium two-row pale and specialty malts.

Is Alaskan Brewing independent?

History. In 1986, 28-year-olds Marcy and Geoff Larson opened the Alaskan Brewing Company, the 67th independent brewery in the country and the first brewery in Juneau since Prohibition.

How many breweries are in Alaska?

Alaska’s industry is much bigger and more stable today: There are close to 50 breweries in the state, with more in the works.

Who invented amber beer?

German Wilhelm Hasse created this beer popular in California after immigrating to Mexico in the late 19th century.

When was Alaskan Amber made?

December 1986

That beer is now known as Alaskan Amber. In December 1986, Alaskan Brewing Co. officially began operations when Geoff, Marcy and 10 volunteers spent 12 hours hand packaging the first 253 cases of Alaskan Amber for distribution in Juneau, Alaska.

What is the northernmost brewery in Alaska?

Silver Gulch Brewery

America’s Northernmost Brewery
Silver Gulch Brewery is the northernmost brewery in America. It is about 12 miles north of Fairbanks in the town of Fox, Alaska, which is just a few degrees shy of being within the Arctic Circle.

What kind of beer is Alaskan Amber?

Alaskan Amber was born. In 1988, it was named “Best Beer in the Nation,” by a Great American Beer Festival Consumer Poll.
REVIEW: Amber Alt-Style Ale from Alaskan Brewing.

Quick Characteristics
Brewery: Alaskan Brewing Company
ABV: 5.3%
IBU: 18
Appearance: Deep amber hue with intense orange highlights; Off-white head; Brilliant clarity.
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What kind of beer is Alaskan white?


Alaskan White Ale is based on a Belgian-style witbier, literally translated to “white beer.” White beers, or “witbieren,” are named for the suspended wheat proteins creating a cloudy appearance in this unfiltered beer.

How many calories are in an Alaskan Amber beer?

180 calories

Beer Alaskan Amber (1 serving) contains 20g total carbs, 20g net carbs, 0g fat, 0g protein, and 180 calories.

What is alt style ale?

It is a copper coloured, malt-forward, clean and crisp tasting, lighter-bodied beer with moderate bitterness. Its name comes from it being top-fermented, an older method than the bottom fermentation of lager beers.

What’s an Alaskan?

a native or inhabitant of Alaska.

Who qualifies as an Alaskan Native?

A person recognized as an official member of a federally recognized Indian tribe (excluding honorary or other non-constitutional or non-customary forms of membership.)

Who is considered an Alaskan Native?

Alaska Natives or Alaskan Natives are indigenous peoples of Alaska and include Iñupiat, Yupik, Aleut, Eyak, Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian, and a number of Northern Athabaskan cultures. They are often defined by their language groups.