Can you cover cake with modeling chocolate?

No surface is safe from modeling chocolate! Once your modeling chocolate is rolled out and is not sticking to your mat, you are ready to cover your cake. Pick your modeling chocolate up gently.

Can I use modeling chocolate instead of fondant?

Modeling chocolate can be used like fondant to decorate and cover cakes or it can be used as a sculpting material to create forms and shapes. It dries harder than fondant, so sculpted pieces made of modeling chocolate will hold their shape really well.

Can you refrigerate modeling chocolate on a cake?

Refrigerating Modeling Chocolate

Chocolate has a tendency to bloom if moisture gets to it. Choose a cake with a filling that will hold up for a day or two outside of the fridge so that you can prepare your cake ahead if need be, cover it with plastic wrap and leave it out.

Will modeling chocolate melt in heat?

Modeling chocolate is made of chocolate…so, it’s sensitive to heat!! 🙂 If you are concerned about the heat melting your decorations, then make sure to use gumpaste. It’s fine to use modeling chocolate on the side of a cake in warmer climates, but don’t try to use it for figures or flowers…they will droop.

Does modeling chocolate melt?

Keep modeling chocolate in a cool climate – just like any chocolate, it will melt in warm temperatures. And that’s how you make modeling chocolate, perfect for delicious edible decorations! Just be sure to keep it in a cool environment!

Is it easier to work with modeling chocolate or fondant?

Modeling chocolate is easier to work with and tastes better than fondant. Modeling chocolate is versatile and is used to cover cakes or sculpt realistic faces, model figures, and flower decorations. Similarly, fondant is a great cake topper; but it doesn’t create fine elaborate decoration details.

Can you use molds with modeling chocolate?

Simply pinch off pieces of modeling chocolate, knead until workable, then use to sculpt into shapes, press into silicone molds, or roll out and cover cakes.

How long will modeling chocolate figures last?

two months

Wrap any extra modeling chocolate tightly in plastic wrap, then seal in a zip top bag. Store at room temperature for up to two months.

Do I need to refrigerate modeling chocolate?

Models can be made ahead of time just like gum paste and will keep for months if stored correctly. Once made let them harden right off and store in a cardboard box in a very cool place but not in the fridge because of condensation.