Side Dishes That Complete Your Lasagna Experience

You’re about to embark on a gastronomic adventure where lasagna is the undeniable star of the show. But wait, this isn’t your average lasagna experience. We’re not here to talk about the usual meaty layers or the classic tomato sauce. No, my friend, we’re diving into uncharted territory, exploring the unconventional side of lasagna toppings that will take your taste buds on a wild culinary ride. Buckle up and prepare to be amazed as we uncover the unexpected and unleash a medley of extraordinary toppings that will revolutionize your lasagna game.

Forget everything you thought you knew about lasagna garnishes. Today we’re breaking the rules and venturing into a realm of creativity and innovation. We’ll introduce you to a world where green salads and garlic bread are mere footnotes in a grand symphony of flavors. Get ready to explore the interplay of textures and the fusion of unlikely ingredients that will challenge your palate and redefine what it means to complement lasagna. In this unconventional journey, we’ll push boundaries, tantalize your senses, and revolutionize your lasagna experience with a selection of side dishes that are as daring as they are delicious. So prepare to embark on a culinary escapade like no other, where the extraordinary becomes the new norm and the ordinary is left in the dust.

Fresh Green Salad

A crisp, vibrant green salad is a great counterpoint to the rich and comforting nature of lasagna. Choose a mix of fresh leafy greens, such as arugula, spinach, or mixed lettuce, and toss with cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, red onions, and a light vinaigrette dressing. The refreshing crunch and tangy notes of the salad are a delightful contrast to the indulgent layers of lasagna.

Garlic Bread

Few things rival the combination of lasagna and garlic bread. Serve slices of warm, crusty garlic bread with your lasagna to soak up the flavorful sauces and provide a satisfying crunch. Infused with aromatic garlic and a sprinkling of herbs, this classic side dish adds an extra dimension of flavor and texture to your meal.

Roasted Vegetables

Roasted vegetables bring a burst of color, flavor and nutrition to your lasagna feast. Toss a medley of seasonal vegetables such as peppers, zucchini, eggplant, and cherry tomatoes with olive oil, salt, pepper, and your favorite herbs. Roast them in the oven until tender and caramelized for a delicious charred and roasted accompaniment that complements the richness of the lasagna.

Caprese Salad

Capture the essence of Italian cuisine by serving a traditional Caprese salad with your lasagna. This simple yet elegant dish features ripe tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and fragrant basil leaves drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic reduction. The combination of juicy tomatoes, creamy cheese and aromatic herbs creates a delightful contrast to the hearty layers of lasagna.

Sauteed Greens

For a nutritious and flavorful side dish, consider sautéed greens like spinach, kale, or Swiss chard. Saute the greens lightly in olive oil with garlic and a pinch of red pepper flakes for a hint of heat. The bright colors and earthy flavors of the greens provide a refreshing balance to the richness of the lasagna.

Antipasto Platter

Create a delicious spread of Italian antipasto delights to accompany your lasagna. Arrange an assortment of cured meats, such as prosciutto and salami, alongside a selection of marinated vegetables, olives, cheeses and crusty bread. The variety of flavors, textures and colors in the antipasto platter offer a tantalizing prelude or accompaniment to your lasagna feast.

Elevate Your Lasagna Experience with Unexpected Side Dishes

Elevate your lasagna experience with unexpected toppings

When it comes to unconventional side dishes that pair surprisingly well with lasagna, here are a few examples to spark your culinary curiosity:

  • Grilled Fruit Skewers: Take a walk on the sweet and savory side by grilling skewered fruits like peaches, pineapple, and watermelon. The caramelized flavors and juicy textures are a delightful contrast to the richness of lasagna.
  • Spicy Slaw: Add a kick to your lasagna affair with a spicy slaw of shredded cabbage, carrots and a tangy dressing. The refreshing crunch and fiery notes of the slaw create a dynamic balance with the hearty layers of lasagna.
  • Truffle Parmesan Fries: Up your side game by serving truffle-infused fries topped with grated Parmesan cheese. The earthy flavor of truffle and the umami punch of Parmesan add a luxurious touch to your lasagna experience.
  • Smoked Mac and Cheese: Combine two favorite comfort foods by serving smoky, creamy mac and cheese with your lasagna. The indulgent combination of melted cheese, smoky undertones and pasta goodness will leave your taste buds in awe.
  • Stuffed Mushrooms: Turn ordinary mushrooms into extraordinary sides by stuffing them with a flavorful blend of breadcrumbs, herbs, cheese, and spices. Baked to perfection, these savory bites complement lasagna with their earthy and robust flavors.
  • Mediterranean Couscous Salad: Transport your taste buds to the Mediterranean with a refreshing couscous salad. Toss cooked couscous, diced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, olives and a lemon-herb dressing. The bright and tangy flavors are a delightful contrast to the richness of lasagna.
  • Charred Brussels Sprouts: Roast Brussels sprouts until they are nicely charred and crispy on the outside. Toss them with a drizzle of balsamic glaze, toasted nuts and shaved Parmesan for a unique side dish that adds a touch of elegance to your lasagna feast.

Remember, the fun of exploring unconventional side dishes is in embracing your creativity and experimenting with unexpected flavor combinations. Let your taste buds take you on a culinary adventure as you discover new and exciting ways to enhance your lasagna experience.

Bottom line

Enhance your lasagna experience by pairing it with carefully selected side dishes that complement its flavors and add a touch of variety to your meal. From fresh salads and garlic bread to roasted vegetables and antipasto platters, the possibilities are endless. By incorporating these expert-recommended side dishes, you can create a balanced and memorable dining experience that showcases the best of Italian cuisine. So gather your ingredients, unleash your creativity, and embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the perfect harmony of lasagna and its delicious companions.


What side dishes go with lasagna?

What to Serve with Lasagna: 10 Fantastico Italian Sides

  • Antipasto.
  • Breadsticks.
  • Tomato Feta Salad.
  • Green Salad.
  • Wedge Salad.
  • Chicken Wings.
  • Roasted Veggies.
  • Roasted Tomatoes.

What’s a good appetizer to go with lasagna?

If you’re looking for a great appetizer that goes with lasagna, try these delicious options!
Lasagna Appetizers

  • Caprese Salad on a Stick. What is this?
  • Mozzarella Cheese Sticks.
  • Easy Bruschetta.
  • Georgian Eggplant Rolls with Walnuts.
  • Air Fryer Stuffed Mushrooms.

What side dish goes with pasta?

14 scrumptious sides for pasta

  • Balsamic bruschetta. Bruschetta is a classic Italian bread that’s great as an appetizer, snack and side dish.
  • Prosciutto-wrapped asparagus.
  • Mint and pea pesto on toasted baguette.
  • Italian bruschetta bar.
  • Cheese and cauliflower breadsticks.
  • Stuffed tomatoes.
  • Cucumber salad.
  • Whole roasted carrots.

What is the best bread to serve with lasagna?

Easy Cheesy Garlic Bread is a delicious side for any meal – we love to pair it with lasagna or spaghetti! Basically any type of pasta seems to go well with garlic bread. Add a salad and you have a fabulous meal! I also love to eat garlic bread with soup – it pairs really well with our Zuppa Toscana recipe.

What is the best dessert to serve with lasagna?

Desserts that go well with lasagna are— Vanilla Ice Cream, Gelato, Fruit Salad, Mini Berry Tarts, Cannolis, Lemon Drop Cookies, Panna Cotta, Lemon Pudding Dessert, Fruit Sorbets, Biscotti, Canestrelli, Tiramisu Cheesecake, Lemon Bars, Chocolate Mint Brownies, Amaretti Cookies, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding, Lemon …

What are food accompaniments?

What is food accompaniment? Food accompaniment is the side dish that serves with the main dish, it complements the main food and enriches its taste and flavor. Food accompaniment can be an integral part of the dish or served separately.

What do you eat with pasta bake?

Here are some accompaniments for your pasta bake that work particularly well…
What To Serve With Tuna Pasta Bake

  • Green garden salad.
  • Garlic bread.
  • Potato wedges.
  • French baguette.
  • Steamed broccoli.