Where did Chex mix come from?

According to a blog post on the General Mills’ website, the Chex Mix was popularized by the wife of a Ralston Purina executive when she brought it to a holiday party in 1955. This homemade variety had actually originated before the prepackaged mixes were put out into stores in 1987, according to Mental Floss.

Who first created Chex Mix?

the Ralston-Purina Company

The recipe was created by the Ralston-Purina Company in the early 1950s to move boxes of its signature cereals Wheat Chex and Rice Chex. There was no corn variety at the time. Since then, the company has gone through a handful of ownership changes and today is part of General Mills.

Why was Chex Mix invented?

Ralston Purina wanted a way to get people to eat lots and lots of its cereal. The first and classic recipe called for Wheat Chex and Rice Chex mixed with Worcestershire sauce, butter, garlic salt, salt, and nuts and baked in an oven. Notice that two varieties of Chex are included. Clever!

When did Chex Mix originate?

First published on boxes of Chex, then owned by Ralston Purina, in 1953, the mix, which combines the cereal with ingredients including peanuts, pretzels, butter, Worcestershire sauce and garlic powder, has become a staple for holidays and football parties.

What was in the original Chex Mix?

The original Chex you love! It’s corn Chex, wheat Chex, pretzels, rye chips and mini breadsticks combined with a unique seasoning blend for a one-of-a-kind snack.

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What are the 15 flavors of Chex Mix?