How do you make hydrangea cupcakes?

How do you decorate cupcakes to look like hydrangeas?

Frosting the Cupcakes

Color half of the frosting blue, and half purple (mixing a few shades of blues and purples to get a good color match to the real hydrangeas).

What piping tip do you use for hydrangeas?

Quote from video: Look you will need a star piping tip now you can use one of these that I'm using or anything that looks similar.

How do you make a hydrangea cake?

Quote from video: These over the side so it has a really pretty flowing motion. After you have a good amount of icing on go ahead and just smooth it out a little bit again just remember you want it to be like a bulb.

How do you make flowers for cupcakes?

Quote from video: Start by gently scratching a line down the middle of the cupcake. And one across it and then two more in between those two make eight lines to guide where you piped the petals.

How do you make piping flowers?

Quote from video: And if i show you from the side you can see that it is fairly flat i'm just going to complete this by adding a small blob of yellow buttercream in the middle. And there you go a perfect little flower.

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How do you make butter cream flowers?


  1. In a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, cream the room temperature butter until smooth.
  2. Sift in the confectioner’s sugar. …
  3. Beat until you get to a thick consistency. …
  4. Save a small amount of buttercream in a bowl. …
  5. Separate and dye a few batches yellow, blush and darker pink.

How do you put buttercream on a cupcake?

Technique focus – open star nozzle

  1. For a large swirl, start directly above the cupcake, not to the side, leaving a little room for the buttercream to come out and sit nicely, rather than be squished. …
  2. Starting on the outside edge, pipe continuously around the cupcake, and then on top of the iced gem shape you have made.